• Name: Boe
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20 seasons
    Species: Guosim shrew

    Physical appearance: Boe looks much the same in shape as any other Guosim shrew anywhere. He is short, shorter than a mouse, slightly stouter too, and has a longer, narrower snout, tougher skin, and smaller ears and eyes. The big difference, though, is that Boe is an albino. His fur is white, with a sheen and a glimmer, because he keeps it looking as white as possible. If he is smudged by dirt, it shows very easily. So although he keeps himself well, he isn’t afraid of getting dirty. Not at all. But his albino fur is really the most curious thing you ever saw. Boe wears a scarlet red kilt with a green belt holding it up. He wears a faded red vest that was passed down to him by the late log-a-log, and a small green cap (reminiscent of Robin Hood). The white and red make it impossible for him to camouflage himself, but he doesn’t care. He’d rather charge an enemy than sit around and wait to ambush him.

    Possessions: As already stated, he wears a red kilt with a green belt, a red vest, and a green cap. But what else does he possess? He has the typical shrew rapier. He is probably the fastest creature you ever saw with that long, slender weapon. Thanks to its relative length, he can duel it out with any creature, because his reach is not hindered terribly (his arms are shrew-length: short, but the weapon is long so it makes up for it). He is not one to mess with, even vermin steer clear of him because of it. The rapier’s cup-shaped hilt shines with silver, because it is covered with a thin layer of silver. There is one gem inset in the bottom of the hilt; a hard diamond, and if he hits a beast with that side it can knock them out in an instant. Other than his rapier, he has a sling as his ranged weapon, but he’s not incredibly skilled with it yet. Otherwise he carries very little with him, because he likes to be quick on his feet without objects hindering his travelling speed.

    Personality: Boe is not vicious or bloodthirsty, as some think most shrews are. He has quite the merciful heart beneath his tough skin. If a vermin is just wandering, he doesn’t kill it. He’ll knock it out, yes, or command it to leave Mossflower, but he doesn’t kill it. If a vermin is lying before him weaponless, he doesn’t kill it either, even if it was the most horrible vermin wildcat warlord. He’s very chivalrous. Nothing will ever make him kill a creature in cold blood. Even if he was duelling and the creature’s sword is knocked away, he tells him to pick it up. Sometimes other creatures with more sense have to kill the creature, because Boe doesn’t. He holds life in high regard. However, he will take a life if the creature will harm another creature, especially a shrew or a comrade.
    Otherwise Boe talks quite a bit. He doesn’t usually stay quiet. During battle he is quiet, but elsewhere some people are annoyed by how much he talks. But that’s not too bad of a problem.
    Boe is friendly, and very protective of his Guosim shrews and his territory, and his boats. He loves his personal ketch he named the Shooter. So he is very protective.

    Strengths: Boe is probably the most incredible rapiers-man you ever saw. He can slash and slice and dice in the blink of an eye (figuratively), and since his rapier is light and he is strong, it’s faster than any other weapon could ever be. He is also an excellent steersman, and can shoot his ketch down the rapids will speed and safety. Boe posseses a strong sense of right and wrong and is very chivalrous.

    Weaknesses: His being loath to kill an unarmed vermin has cost several lives. However, he still will not kill an unarmed vermin. Boe cannot camouflage himself due to his albino-ness. He also is a glutton.

    History: He was birthed as an albino, but did not die young like the other shrew wives said he would. As he grew older and stronger, they marveled at his will to survive. He was smaller than the other shrews at first and was the brunt of all the jokes and mockery. Because of this, he learned to defend himself from the bullies. As he earned skill with weapons, especially the rapier, he began to be respected. Then his father mocked him for his color in public and a mistake he had made. (His father was not the log-a-log). This hurt Boe to his core and chilled him, since now everyone shunned him or laughed at him. It made him more desperate than ever to make people respect him. So he left the Guosim and went to make his mark as a wanderer. That didn’t last long. He was attacked by crows, beaten by a vermin gang, and mocked for his color by some Guosssom shrews and an otter holt. So he retreated to his Guosim tribe after two seasons and found that they respected him. Obviously he had been missed. In his short wanderings he gained incredible skill with his rapier (it being the only thing he could do), and he learned also to use a sling. He never went to Redwall, however.
    Then, in his 18th season, three seasons after he returned from wandering. That's where he stands now.

    Relationships: None as of yet.


    How's this? I took it off another website, just copied it and tried to edit out parts that wouldn't make sense here (on the other site he's log-a-log, so I had to get rid of all traces of that in this chara app)

  • Wait, isn't this the same as Boe on Seasons?

  • @Sparhawk:

    Wait, isn't this the same as Boe on Seasons?

    It is.

    I actually wrote out the character thing for Boe; he's one of my real-life friends, so he asked me to.
    And he let me use it here.

  • Ooook, icic. 🙂 Nice job!

  • Thanks. I like writing them out, even if they take a lot of time to finish.

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