For those who want to see what my characters look like go to my gallery or..

Come here. I drew these when I was 16 btw, I can't draw anymore like this, its so tough >_<

1st character is Oliver Swiftstream
2nd Character is Bradley Steelwall
3rd Character is Dallas, I have to upload his picture still I have it somewhere…



RESERVED… (Will add in when I find him lol)

Nice job! Better than I could do. 😛

Wow, you're a better artist than I am, Shadow. This is very detailed work! Incredible!

Haha I used to be very into drawing, I drew for many years, its been two years since, I tried to draw again..

Lets just say I need a couple of months to get back into the groove.

new pic of brad, its been 3 years but not bad for being rusty eh?

Thanks Danker 😛

I'm gunna practice a lot this summer, I want to be way better than I am now

Dankers Character, Raglan.

Nice dude! You're a really good artist!

Thanks man! I started drawing when I was 9, then I went until I was 13 got real good. Then I stopped for a year and I couldn't draw stick figures good I was so upset haha.

Then from 14-16 I drew again, then stopped for 3 years! Just started back up last week. Hopefully I'll keep this up for a long time.

These are realy good. Your much better then I am.

Thank you very much, Dusk!

Heres Dester, Dankers Searat

Nice.  I should upload some of my drawings…  It's been awhile.  I'll have to sit down and do some sketching soon.

Thanks for the motivation!  😄

You are a FABULOUS artist. Amazing.

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