Kalina Rakonza Wildheart

  • Nickname: Kali/Wildy/Kay/Rakonza

    Full Name: Kalina Rakonza Wildheart

    Species: Red Fox

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Height: 5 foot 4 inches

    Weight: 101 lbs

    Occupation: Tracker

    Personality: She has a bright and kind personality. She is fast-thinking and fast on her paws. She is very is very kind and does not like to see beasts in trouble. She is also independent.

    Description: Her fur is a dark orange/red growing lighter farther down her back. Her tail is white/black with some orange streaked along it. The very tip of her tail is solid black. Her front legs are, for the most part, all deep black. Her back legs are black halfway up and the rest is orange. Her stomach, neck, chest, and very lowest part of her face are white. The tips of her ears are black. She has large green eyes that stand out and sparkle in the light. Her tail is long and bushy and she is slightly tall and lightly built. Her proportions are normal for a red fox.

    Possessions: Two twin daggers given to her by Arron. A staff given to her by Jauko. And a gold necklace with an engraving of a fox on it given to her by her mother. She wears a light, short, dark-green dress tied around the waist with a pale green cloth belt. She also has a black cloak with a hood. She has a gold wrist band which she always wears on her right paw.


    ~Is poor at using heavy weapons like broadswords and longswords
    ~Hates water

    Background: Kalina Rakonza Wildheart was born to Jauko Rakonza and Sirona Wildheart. Sirona was her mother, Kalina took her mother's last name as her last name, and she took her father's last name as her middle name.

    Her mother died when she gave birth to Kalina. Kalina's father was the brother of a vermin horde leader. When Kalina was five, Jauko, challenged his brother, Arron, to the right to own the clan. He was beaten after losing his leg during the duel for clan ownership.

    Arron exiled him from the group but kept his young daughter who was being cared for by an' old ratwife. After being exiled Jauko left to become a corsair. He had no strong bond with Kalina so he was not upset at leaving her behind with his vermin brother.

    At age thirteen Kalina was giving the job of tracking for the vermin. She hated and loved the job at the same time. She enjoyed tracking because she was good at it. She was fast, quiet, and lightly built which was perfect for hunting down creatures. But she hated belonging to a group of creatures that pillaged, robbed, murdered, hunted, and slaughtered innocent beasts for money and food.

    On her 14th birthday the clan set out to examine Redwall Abbey and to see if it was a place they could possibly consider raiding. While scouting ahead to make sure they were on the right path Kalina broke free from the group and ran away. She left Arron's vermin horde forever. Kalina didn't know where she was going but she had left a life of crime behind.

  • Could use some fleshing out.

  • clears throat theirs something you ought know Penblade. Shes not done with him shes just working on him here.  Not by a long shot. So just give her some time and she'll have this charie as good as ever.

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  • Yes you may 😛 what about anyway? She'll finish it in time.

  • You guys are funny  😄

  • 😉 I was wondering why your character was only 14 years old and 5 foot 4 inches and 101 lbs! I mean there is a lot more to creatures than just that! 😄

  • hmmmm…? Is that wrong height and weight  for that age..? ^.^ Well... I just need to work on the rest of the bio... Was there somethin' wrong?

  • Well, you could check out my profile of 'Boe'.
    But height and weight are usually mentioned in one part called 'appearance'. But that's no big deal.
    Mainly I think we need to know more about her. What is she like? Her personality: is it self-centered, bad-tempered, or gentle? Generally we get quite a few sentences describing her personality.
    And what is her history? Where was she born? Why is she where she is now?

    If that helps. 😄

  • clears throat You know fellas shes not done. She's only working on her here. She'll get to that when she's ready. She knows what needs to be done she's written about 10 characters.

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  • lol. Well, she's working on her so we shouldn't go picking on her.

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