Jared Sandeye(Rewrite)

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    Name: Jared Sandeye

    Species: Squirrel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 45

    Parents: Amida Sandeye (mother, deceased) Dane Sandeye (father, deceased)

    Siblings: Edoran (brother, deceased) Madeline (sister, alive)

    Description: Jared has brown eyes, which is basically where he gets his name. His fur is a color blend of brown and red. He stands at average squirrel height, and is only slightly muscular. Jared's most common outfit consists of a light tan cloth shirt (over a stark white undershirt) cloth pants, and wicker sandals. Whip scars are visible on his back, but only when he is wearing no upper body clothing. Jared is also left-pawed.

    Possessions: One of Jared’s possessions is an steel sword made by his father. Jared also carries a self-crafted switchblade, a bow, and a brown medallion which he wears around his neck, a family heirloom, the symbol of the Sandeyes that is one of his most invaluable possessions.

    Strengths: Jared is skilled in the use of a sword and a bow. He is agile and strong, having developed this strength as a boy, and he is able to climb walls and trees with ease. He also has enhanced hearing allowing him to hear farther than normal squirrels.

    Weaknesses: Jared can be headstrong sometimes, often going alone at challenge, and this is what gets him into the most trouble. He is also bad at cooking. As a Maraulian, Jared has a sort of weakness to any type of ale in his body, as it can make him sick.

    Background: Jared Sandeye’s island home, Maraul, is hidden in the Far East. He was born on August 21st and raised there, living peacefully for 12 seasons until his parents were killed by searats. The next day, Jared, Edoran, and Madeline left Maraul and eventually washed up on Mossflower. That same afternoon, Edoran was killed by the same searats.

    Jared hid in Mossflower with his sister Madeline for 2 seasons, then found Redwall Abbey and was taken in. There, he fell in love with a squirrelmaid named Larina Skyleaf, whom he had rescued from some vermin. After about two seasons of courting, the two were eventually married and now have three children. Jared lived at Redwall Abbey for another two seasons.

    Though he lives at Maraul, Jared is devoted to Redwall Abbey, and vows to return there someday.

    (Here is what Jared's sword looks like, for those who have been wondering: http://martial-arts-shop.eu/images/products/en/Cold_Steel_Sword_Norman_Sword_88NOR.jpg)

  • This is great stuff Jared! Good rewrite!

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    Thanks, Sparhawk. I worked really hard on this and did all I could!

  • Nice!

  • This is awesome!  Have you thought about writing the story behind his destiny?  I'd love to read it!

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    There is a full story behind his destiny, but I fear it's too long to relate in a thread. Unless Jared can figure it all out at some point in his young life.

  • What if you turn it into a story and just post it bit by bit as you get done with it?  That's what I'd do ^^

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    Maybe I can convince Oliver Swiftstream to let me incorporate it into "The Deep and Secret Past Revealed!" Because I have the whole story written out for Jared Sandeye.

  • That would be awesome!

  • I haven't read your older profile but this is pretty good.

    &=) Here. Have a random bunny. xD

  • Lol at Random Bunny!

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    You should change his age too, since in our thread he's 19 and presently he's 20. I changed all my characters ages recently. Would be weird to be running around with 18 year old Oliver when I created him in 2007. xD

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