Bark's Two Characters.

  • Name: Wingpaw Swiftfoot

    Age: 32

    Species: Squirrel

    Gender: Male

    Physical Description: Wingpaw is a very tall squirrel. He is a head taller than most land squirrels. He has a large scar running from the bottum of his neck right down to his hips. This happened when he was very little. He wears rings and has a small but noticeable band on his arm. Wingpaw is incredibly fast in spite of his height.

    History: Wingpaw grew up in the middle of Mossflower, about 20 miles away from Redwall. His family was attacked when he was only 6 years old. That is where he got his scar. The vermin, a fox to be exact, thought that he was dead, and he left. Wingpaw, Wing for short, grew up on his own in the forest. He is still awaiting the day that he can kill the fox that killed his family. When Wing was 20 he moved out of the forest and went to Redwall. He is now the guardian of this massive abbey, but he often goes roaming throughout Mossflower to find the merciless fox who ruined his life.

    Weapons: Wingpaw often uses the Great Sword of Martin the Warrior. But only when he is defending the Abbey of Redwall. When Wing goes roaving to find his enemy he uses his battle axe. This axe is small compared to other axes but it is incredibly sharp, and is said to be able to cut down a true with one swing. He calles his weapon Trust.

    Clothing and Armour, Wingpaw wears a breastplate. It is made of gold and it used to be his fathers. He wears this all the time, except for when he is sleeping. Under this he has a red tunic that is cut so that it is just above his knees.


    Name: Barkstripe

    Age: Barkstripe is is 34

    Species: Barkstripe is a Badger.

    Gender: Male

    Physical Description: Barkstripe isn't very big for a badger but compared to other beasts he is big. He is very strong and has scars all over his body from the war with the wildcats in Mossflower. His fur is jet black. He is one of the bravest badgers known to the land.

    History: Barkstripe grew up in Brockhall, a badger dwelling that is in the roots of a massive tree. He was married to Bella of Brockhall. When the wildcats came and took over Mossflower, Barkstripe gathered up all the woodland creatures and mounted an attack. The attack was not planned and they were brutally defeated. Barkstripe heard that Bella was dead, so he travelled until he found Salamandastron, a huge mountain dwelling. He forged a might sword and became the Badger Lord of the Mountain


    Sword of Might: Barkstripe has a sword very similar to Martin the Warriors famous sword. It is made of a fallen star, and it is the biggest sword that anybeast has seen. It is known as the Sword of Might because it is known to make a badger stronger during the cursed Bloodwrath.

    Bow of Power: In times of Siege, Barkstripe uses his mighty bow. It is the size of a hare, and weighs 100 pounds. Barkstripe is the only animal alive at that time that could lift it. The arrows that are used for this bow are 3/4 the size of a hare.

    Mace of Rule: When it isn't a time of war, Barkstripe puts his sword and bow away and uses his Mace. This mace is as tall as Barkstripe is, and as wide as osme trees. Barkstripe uses this weapon when he visits Redwall, and other peaceable places.

    Barkstripe has other weapons but they are not used as much as the weapons listed. Perhaps in time I will write them out.

    Clothing and armor: Barkstripe prefers not to wear armour, but sometimes he wears it. It is made of pure gold and is the weight of two hares. He wears a green and red tunic

    That is a picture done by Alisue. Not the right one for this description but still good.

    Note: That is now his Bow of Power.

    Here is another one done by Ferhago. This isn't of my character but just of the Barkstripe from the books.

    How's That?

  • Wow! I really like that second one!

  • Just two things:

    1. The gold breastplate is more for show, I hope, than actual armor (gold is a soft metal with much weight behind it), and
    2. Hot diggity! A badger lord! happy dance of joy

  • You may want to apply for the Badgerlord station. Just to make sure that we don't have any confusion when some dibbun tries out for the position. 😉

  • Snag post 1: Thanks.

    Cyber: Special Gold. Actually, Iron with a large layer of gold on top. And lol

    Snag post 2: I just did.

  • Ferhago was on SRA wasn't he? Is he still on the ROC? If he is then we could REALLY use him… 😉

  • Ferahgo? Umm. Do you mean the Artist? And roleplayer? From the LPF? He's still around, but does'nt join anywhere.

  • Yes the freakin' awsome artist. Again. What's LPF? Why doesn't he join anywhere?

  • But i thought that nobody was supposed to be guardian of redwall yet? ???

  • I think he mean that he was?

  • ??? that doesn't make sense ???

  • Vardon is right. You can't be guardian until after the first great war. Then we will all choose together.

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