Dester Griplar

  • Name:Dester Griplar

    Nickname:Dester the Collector




    Appearance:He has dark brown fur and eyes.He has a peg leg due to injury he obtained in a ship accident.He was knocked from the crow nest and snapped his left leg in several places.His tail is a tad bit crooked.

    Description:He is known for his ruthless fighting but is famous for his hobby.Which is collecting various body parts from his fallen enemies.

    Possions:A large cleaver,various daggers,a small but strong piece of rope,a spear,a short sword,and a flail.

    Strength:His reputation gives him a good intimidation factor.He is good with his weapons.He his death quiet even with a wooden leg.

    Weakness:His limb stump pains him some times and is a slow runner due to his peg leg.He's a bit claustrophobic and goes berserk when trying to pin him and/or putting a sack over his head.

    Backstory:His child hood was spent on the high seas but he spent most of it in the belly of the ship.He got a chance to scan for land in the crow nest but a sea Gaul pecked and bit him out of,smashing his leg and had to be amputated.Once they hit land something inside him snapped.During the night,he snuck into the kitchen and got the biggest clever he could find and slaughtered the intire crew wile they were sleeping and keeping there fingers.He left the ship turned tomb.He is roaming the forest searching for his next victim and a hoard of his own.

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