Kayleigh Jade Swifteye

  • Name: Kayleigh Jade Swifteye
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: British Red Squirrel
    Occupation: Scout/Spy/Thief

    Physical Appearance:
    Kayleigh has large very dark-brown eyes. Her fur is a deep glossy red with no patches or other colors marring it. The pads on her paws are a light pink that matches the color of her small sharp claws. Her tail is very large and bushy, and its appearance is even and perfect. Her teeth (though not a very important characteristic of hers) are small, sharp, and perfectly white. Her nose is also a light pink. Her clothes are a worn pale blue that clashes with her long, silky, red fur. What she wears looks very similar to a Redwaller's habit. It is tied around the middle with a thin brown rope. It is a simple one piece garment with a hood.

    She has a dark black cloak that she wears when it's cold out, or uses as a blanket. She has a large cloth sack with a single strap that she carries all of her things in. Various objects used for spying and thievery are stored in it. She has two small daggers "found" and given to her by her brother. She also has a short sword that she happened to "find" when she was younger. Inside her larger bag is a small sack for food and a little flask/bottle for water or any other drink.

    She is very smart and has a quick mind for calculating what to do in any situation. She is pretty, gentle, and caring. She finds it easy for other creatures to want to befriend her. She hates water and has never swum in all her life. She avoids that dreaded, flowing, untamed, blue depth. She has a talent for sensing what others feel and often surprises them by this knowledge of hers. She is very quick to make up her mind and sometimes acts on incomplete knowledge of something.

    Fast thinker, good aim, agile, can sense very well other's emotions and feelings.

    Will not respond to you quickly if you interrupt her thinking, afraid of water, Sometimes to quick to get into a fight (real combat not an argument.)

    She was born in the thick of Mossflower Wood. Since the time she was old enough to understand what others were saying she was taught to spy, scout, hunt, thief, and track. She could pass through the thick of the woods unseen by anybeast. She was quick, light pawed, and her aim with any weapon was deadly accurate. Her brother Allen taught her all this. Her father only encouraged her, he rarely told her what to do. She couldn't ever remember her mother. Apparently she had died when Kayleigh was four years old. Allen was her closest companion, he was sometimes rough on her but her gentler nature helped them balance each-other out.

    By the time she was 13 Allen was 17 and had decided to go off on his own. He told his sister that she could take care of herself very well and that he could leave her on her own for a while. She stayed with her father until she was 16 but grew tired of waiting around for nothing to happen. Day after day was the same so she left following the same route her brother had years before. She secretly hoped to see him again but she knew that wouldn't happen unless she was very lucky. She traveled for one year and that brings us up to where she is now. 17 years old and still wandering in the thick of Mossflower Wood.

    Father: Location Unknown-Somewhere in Mossflower.
    Mother: Dead-Buried in an old grove under a birch tree, close to were Kayleigh was born.
    Brother (Allen): Left and went off traveling on his own. Location Unknown.

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