From my results, the winner is:

Penblade! (with three votes)

Followed by:

JAred Sandeye (two votes)
Shadow Flame  (two votes)
Marshallvodelin (two Votes)

Thanks to everyone of voted! Look soon for a post for June!

OK, who in Redwall voted for me? I don't mind two votes (congratulations, Penblade for winning!), but who the heck voted for me?

LOL, sorry, I didn't, I voted for Penblade, didn't know we could vote for two people.

That remains a secret, I can not say who voted for who.

I of course, didn't take part in the voting, I felt like I didn't need to because I was running it.

Forgive me for this but…
(Starts dancing and running in circles)
Sorry if me and my ego offended anyone.

LOLZ grats Pen . lol  Your so shameless.

Wait why doess it say May now? Do we just start voting again for May?

I switched it, so now we are voting in may for the member of the month in June…..get the idea?

Yeah I get it. So I'll vote now!

Another month to
I mean, I'll vote.

Hey TJ, You can change the thread title by modifying the first post. 🙂

BTW, yeah, I'm still here, watching what's going on. I can't be very active right at the moment though. I'm having a little difficulty with something. Will be back on RPing soon, though.

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