Ravi and Bloodeye

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    Nickname: Ravi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17 seasons

    Full Name: Ravi Snow Wraithskin

    Species: White stoat
    Description: A slim, tall beast he is: Ravi is in best shape than most vermin and is rather a bit cleaner too. Unlike like most stoats, he permanently looks like he is his winter coat all year long and forevermore, but does not appear to be an albino due to solid black eyes and the traditional black tail tip. He wears a faded blue shirt with a brown, velveteen vest along with a pair of navy blue trousers.

    Possessions: He wears a bracelet made of dark blue stones on his right arm and carries three identical looking daggers that have small blue tinted pearls on each handle and their own sheath which is securely attached to his belt. He also wears a large silver medallion on a silk cord and with a large lighting blot emblem in the middle.

    Persona: He tries to be a real vermin, he really dose. But he is not cut out to be a real villain, but he sure can be a bit of a pest. He is a bit cocky and short tempered at times, but that’s only to fool those of his own kind. You see, he more cut out be more of a gentle beast than foe. If you get past his fake vermin persona, you’ll see he is calm, generous, he loves to read about the past of Redwall and all kinds of literature, and sometimes funny to be with but he is not harmful enough to be considered a threat.

    However, he is also a bit nosy at times and at times he may condemn into harmless thievery, though he may return the item later on or replace it if it a food item. He is also a bit of a little glutton when it comes to sweet or candied food and will not hesitate to gobble all of the goodies.

    Strengths: He is a very stealthy beast when it comes to espionage. As long as he is focus and very serious on his work, he can be hard to detect. Quick with any small or short sword and is a pro when it comes to targeting with throwing knives, arrows, and light spears.

    Weaknesses: He tends to be clumsy at times when he is not careful. He cannot really carry or properly use heavy, blunt weapons like giant axes, clubs, large broadswords, maces or anything heavier than he is. He may be good at targeting but when it comes to some spears, pikes, or javelins, he could use a lot more work and practice. When it comes to being a vermin, he must act like one and he is a terrible actor. Not much of a thief either.

    He was born into a small stoat family who lived secluded lives instead of being ruthless thieves, warriors, or anything that would mark them as a threat. But due to his white fur, his family thought of him as some kind of prophet, or the chosen one of something great. However, a ruthless weasel of a vermin clan caught wind of this ‘blessed stoat’ and reported the information back to his clan leader, a large rat male who wanted the white stoat in his clan to be a super soldier. It did not take long for the rat to steal way the infant stoat from his beloved family, but, however, the warriors who were ordered to bring the babe back, somehow, lost their way and accidently abandon the babe by a large lake.
    He was eventually found by a small otter colt that, unwillingly, raises the cub as if one of their own. Thankfully, he grew up to be a well behaved child and a young, kindhearted gentleman, they even gave him his name: Ravi. He eventually left his adopted family to go out a try to give some vermin a positive image, if they deserve it.

    But on his travels he meets Vega, a large; sea otter with one bloodshot eye and the other has been gored out but foe beasts from long ago. He is a bit insane and wild unlike most good creatures. He is almost wild enough to be considered a mad beat or a threat to the likes of anyone who crosses his path. The encounter would me sear disaster for Ravi, but strangely he was able to talk to the madden otter and strangely the two eventually become fast friends though they are opposite from each other.

    Nickname: Vega Bloodeye
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35 Seasons

    Full Name: Vegus Kingly Streamkiller

    Species: Giant Otter; looks more like an overgrown river otter

    Description: A large otter male with well developed muscles and body. His fur is strangely light brown and has an abnormal brindle pattern from the back of his neck down to the tip of his rudder. He also has a several large scars around the left side of his face and neck, his left eye is completely gone and is just an empty black socket he likes to scratch at, he never wears and eye patch. His right eye is completely bloodshot and red as if he forever in Bloodwrath. He wears nothing but green trousers and thick leather cuffs around his wrists.

    Possessions: A huge custom made blade he calls Machete and necklace that has adder fangs and black stones between them.

    Persona: He a quite threaten fellow, unlike the usual hotroot sipping river dog. He has an aggressive personality twisted with the need to satisfy himself with the pleasure of killing anything he sees fit to be killed by his hands. He always seems to have a smile stretch across his face while his hunting down vermin likes the usual weasel tribe or a band of vermin. He does not want anything to do with normal otter tribe or peaceful creatures who shun fighting. To him, he thinks they are nothing but cowards and are asking to be attack by foe beast of all kinds. He is easily provoked by the simplest of things and dislikes being outsmarted by a smarting opponent, which is why he hates foxes with a passion. He is pretty dangerous when angry unless he is quickly calm by is most trusted friends (which is just Ravi now), and when he is enrage it almost seem likes he going into Bloodwrath.

    But he can temporality be tamed with large sums of food and beverages, fishing also helps calm him down to the point he came be chat with others, though he may just ignore them during the process. He not much a bad beast but he still a threat to those who are just asking for a beating. Unless they can prove that they don’t deserve it.

    Strengths: Great at close combat and can used his own teeth and claws as weapons. Rudder is as strong as a tree and berserk demeanor tends to scare most, cowardly foe beast way.

    Weaknesses: A bit too wild and dangerous to good beast; cannot see the left side of him due to eye removal. Tends to ignore injures till the last minute of after the battle

    Vega was once a normal otter was travel crossed the sea with a small band of otter of different breeds. But suddenly they were ambushed by a large pirate slave ship that captured all of the otters and used them as ore slaves till they hit the costal shores of Salamandastron. But due to harsh weather, they were driven off course, which would take much longer to get to the mainland. Slowly, both of the crew and the slaves began to starve out as the months go by, only surviving on individually caught fish and the occasional food they could scavenge off of the isles (most food was eaten by the crew and slavers, hardly a crumb went to the slaves). But soon the otter slaves grew wild and desperate and found a way out of their bondage and began to attack the pirates, even though they were too weak to fight for long. Vega tried to get in on the action, but was only pushed and shoved out of the way as the adults fought their losing battle. Then, by a bashful shove he caused a lamp to fall over and set the ship of blaze. Vega escape the fire by the sea by his tribe was trapped within the blazes and were never seen again.
    Eventually, Vega washed up on a small shore, several yards away from Salamandastron, he was then capture by a small vermin clan who though he’ll be a great slave. But they have no idea who mentally damage Vega was. Immediately, as soon as he had the strength so he attacked the vermin with nothing but an abnormal blade and his own teeth. The vermin were able to gain the upper hand by bashing the mad otter in the head, several times, and the gouging of his eye, but that only made Vega worst as he turned the table on all of them and eventually slew all of them.
    After the battle, he began to laugh like a made beast and began to enjoy violence and the suffering of foe beast of all kinds. His remaining eye became bloodshot with rage and insanity as he began to travel around killing any vermin that comes in sight. It must have been a miracle when Ravi met this monster. Vega attended to kill the stoat but with simple words of wisdom and peace, he was able to prove to Vega that he was not foe but an ally. Somehow, he was able to come in contact with his peaceful side. Soon Vega made Ravi his honorary mate and promise to not kill him…unless he has to.

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  • Very nice job on these two! Hope you have fun RPing here on RL!

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