Sonnis, Heir of Vulpuz

  • Nicknames: Heir of Vulpuz

    Full Name: Sonnis

    Species: fox

    “There is a chill in wind and bone,
    A crack within your wall of stone,
    An unborn gasp, a bloody sword,
    But in the night, my final word,
    Like thunder, cuts across the sky:
    Come morning, all of you will die!”
    –Sonnis, to his victims.

    “No, please! I was born like this!”
    --Sonnis in a nightmare. What does he see when he sleeps?


    Sonnis’ eyes shine from a blackened mask, sickly yellow lanterns in a face no beast could look at without horror. Strange scars cover his entire face under the iron mask he wears, from forehead to snout.
    The rest of his body, covered in beautiful black fur, outshines his armor, worn as it is with age. Sonnis’ armored gloves and shoulder pieces, made of iron, are covered in rust, splatters that look like dried blood.
    His voice never rises above a whisper. Sonnis never seems to blink. His breathing, if such a beast needs to breathe, is too slow and measured to be perceived. It’s as if the thing in the armor is not a fox, but a monster born of nightmares about the worst foxes in all the world.

    Sonnis is a madbeast, and some say he always was. Born among slavers, he was at first nothing more than a victim, mistreated for his horrible snout, a natural deformity. Treated badly by both his kind and the slaves, he grew into a rebellious, cruel, and ultimately deadly fox. When at last he escaped that life, he did so spectacularly.
    The fox stabbed the slaver leader ten times with his own dagger. Then, he proceeded to tear apart their home. The last to die were the slaves. Sonnis had no use for them.
    Then, the vulpine denied his own life. Claiming he was the heir of Vulpuz, he walked across the continent, leaving a trail of blood and fire, killing the small and defenseless.
    He then got a small band together, held together by his cruelty and love of killing. Sonnis only wanted food and victims. Other loot went to his “friends”, and though the survival rate of his fellow bandits was low, few complained. He was just, in his own way, and most vermin know better than to attack their greatest fear.
    But, somewhere out there, the monster’s own greatest fear grows. Sonnis is certain of this. He believes he will die soon, because of his connection with death. It makes the fox a cruel opponent, true, but his fear of dying, perhaps the only truly natural thing left of him, cripples him.
    He is headed to your home. Will he leave it in ruins? Or, will he finally run across a warrior that will break his will and take away his title to living death?

    The State of the Soul:

    Sonnis is a monster, and he believes he is destined for the gates of Hell.
    He does not kill to become famous, or to get what he wants. He kills because nobeast can stop him, and because he believes he must. He is a monster, but feels fear and maybe even regret, deep in his cold heart, which makes him all the more desperate.


    The fox killer owns little beyond three throwing knives hidden about his person, a short sword and a dagger. Painfully few provisions are hidden in the pouches hanging from his belt, and his pocket contains a small flute, taken from the body of the dead otter warrior that wanted to kill him. Sonnis does not know how to play the instrument, though he will sometimes talk to it, as if it were the otter.


    Dancing Blade: He has great skill with bladed weapons, and he can defend from nearly all attacks. Arrows, maces, and axes, on the other hand, seem to be his weakness. He can no more fire an arrow than breathe water.


    Weak Soul: The fox’s soul is a fractured, dying thing. Like the undead of legend, Sonnis  is not truly alive inside. Every time he hurts another, a small part of him feels that pain. The tragedy of it is that Sonnis cannot hear his conscience. Perhaps, if made to truly face his “games”, he may break down completely.

    Unskilled: Though he appears frightening and strange, he has no real skills beyond his natural talent with a blade. Even gathering food seems difficult for him, so he often starves.

    The Weakness of Undeath: Like the ghosts of certain legends, Sonnis never crosses water, and dislikes bright sunlight. Of course, this is but a coincidence, because the fox cannot swim, and his black fur and metal armor heat up very uncomfortably in the sun.

    Death: Sonnis may be a creature of nightmare, but he is afraid of death. He WILL beg for his life, if he is ever faced with certain destruction.

    Sonnis is my villain character, so to speak. He is the creature destined to die, and he is aware of it. Did he become a monster because of this? Was he always insane, or did something twist him somehow? Could it be that the fox was meant to be a protector, but went against his deep-rooted nature, and now cannot stop? Or, is he simply a mass murderer, out to cause as much damage as possible before somebeast kills him? I’d like to see where the journey will take this one. Do tell me what you think, guys!

  • Sounds like a dark kinda guy! But well done!

  • I see that you changed your mind… 🙂  And, like I said before, good job.

    Sonnis seems to be a compilation of all the human shortcomings that have plagued this world over the ages; the cherry on top being the self loathing that every human feels before attaining one kind of justification or another...

  • I feel a bit sorry for him.

  • Character Attributes/Personality (stolen from Fishrudder, because he's a brilliant fellow)
    Curiosity: High
    Imagination: High
    Ambition: Low
    Education: Low (cannot make a fire, let alone cook)
    Prejudices: Low (stabbing is stabbing)
    Alertness: High
    Ability to Reason: Uncertain (most days he is little more than a knife with personality)
    Generosity: Medium
    Reliability: Low
    Excited: Not At All (unless there is something to stab, slash, etc.)
    Content: Medium (everything is his, but something is denied him)
    Lonely: Medium
    Nervous: Not At All

    This should help a lot when trying to understand that crazy fox's moods and ideas. He is difficult to get to know–as a character, he is hard to pin down. One moment he seems a crazed murderer, and the next he is perfectly reasonable, if uncaring. He has changed quite a bit from the first time I envisioned him. Not so much the backstory as his behavior and thinking have solidified into a mess I could not have designed on purpose.

    Hopefully this doesn't conflict with how everyone sees (and will see) him in the RP--if you have any thoughts, do tell me.

  • I stole it from someone years ago…. I only kept it ecause it overdoes it and no one ever whines about not enough info 😄

  • I like it, I might start using it. XD

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