• Name: Digger
    Gender: male
    Age: unknown
    Species: mole
    Physical appearance: Digger is a brown color withe vevlty hair. he is 4'11. His eyes are milky white because hes blind. He wears a simple grey tunic and pants.
    Possessions: His weapon is a mace with chain he made himself. He has a walking stick and a hammer and chisle.
    Personality: He can always see the bright side of a situationeven if others cant. He is always jolly. He will sometimes act without thinking.
    Strengths: He is a master sculptor and can make status better than any other seeing person. He is very deadly with a mace and chain.
    Weaknesses: He is blind.
    History: Digger was born in the underground vermin empier(see down the mole hole). When he was old enough he was put to work even though he was blind. One day a ratt slave master took a wip to his father when he collapsed. When he didnt get up the rat took up a flail and raised it to kill him. digger stopped him adn took the weapon and killed the rat. His father told him to run. He maneged to get out and into Mossflower country and has been wandering around since.
    Relationships: All of his family are dead.
    Other: His favorite hobby is to take stones he finds and make sculpturs. He says he does it by Feeling the sculptur in the stone.

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