Out of Georgia

  • For James Paul it was like any other day.It was the weekend and he had saved up enough money to get a game at "Game Stop".He walked in and strolled about seeing all the different games like he usually did."Lets see what we have here."He found a game in the corner."Unlabeled huh?"He took it to the clerk."That's be 49.95."He paid the man and went home."Let see what we have here."He put it in his "Xbox 360" and it started rumbling."That's ain't good.WHAT IN THE WORLD?!"The TV flashed a blinding light and every thing was black.He awoke in a forested area."Where am I?"He wandered through the woods until he herd some talking on the road ahead."Finally some on-"He froze at the sight he saw.

  • Mallorn was taking a stroll in Mossflower, as he normally did, with his odd otter friend, You. Brother Mallorn was a thin, lanky, almost scrawny brown teenage hedgehog, while You was a white teenage otter with bronze paws and a black slash of fur across his eye, and he only walked on all four paws.
      "You heard there was going to be a feast tonight," Mallorn declared eagerly, falling into You's odd form of speech.
      "You did too. You're so excited!" You said, referring to himself in the second person.
      As they neared the abbey, a beast came stumbling out of the forest, then froze when he saw them.
      Mallorn took one look at the stranger and nearly broke down laughing. You on the other paw, had no trouble laughing, rolling on the ground and kicking the air.
      Mallorn attempted to speak, "Haha, uh, snort sorry but, heh heh, doesn't that weird habit hurt your tail?" He leaned sideways to get a look at the stranger's tail section, grinning shamelessly.

  • "I don't have a tail."He said half hearted.'Don't pass out.'He thought to him self."Where am I?" 'Don't you dare pass out!' "Uhhh…I don't um,what are you?" He said a bit less shaken."Alright."He took a deep breath."Please answer my questions."

  • Mallorn raised an eyebrow with contempt, "Are you serious? I'm a hedgehog, he's an otter, this is Mossflower, that is grass, those are trees. If anything, I should be asking what you are," Mallorn had an idea, "Hey! I know! We should ask brother Grith! He'll know!" He set off down the path with his wide habit sleeves flapping and You running behind him like a faithful dog… riverdog that is.

  • "Don't leave me here!"James ran to catch up with them.He was hopelessly  confused."Wait for me!" 'This isn't normal.Giant talking hedgehogs and otters.A place called Mossflower and now a place called Redwall?Whats next?'He thought.

  • Sparhawk Fleetfoot  walked along the path to Redwall when he heard;

    "Don't leave me here!"

    He trotted around a curve in the road to see the strangest creature he had ever seen! It wore clothes, but really weird ones, and, it had no tail! He troted to catch up with the hedgehog and otter and asked,
    "What is that?"

  • Mallorn shrugged and kept jogging, "I dunno. Some kinda mouse without fur maybe. We're taking him to brother Grith in the gatehouse, I'm sure he'll know what she, he, uh, it, is."
      You pulled Sparhawk down so he could whisper in the squirrel's ear, "You bet I'm a rat," then charged off after Mallorn.

  • Spar ran to keep up.
    "What did you say? Oh, I'm Sparhawk by the way, who are you two?"

  • Another creature saw the odd thing with the woodlanders. It was Prestor, and naturally, he had his own ideas about the thing.
    Must be a hairless mole. A giant, hairless, oddly-dressed mole, decided Prestor with absolute certainty. Then, camly stepped out of the bushes where he was gathering berries to greet the beasts as they came by.
    For him, this meant jumping out of the bushes, yelling "Hi woodlanders!…Aieee!" as he rolled on with the jump. He ended up right in front of You.
    "Hey. What're you all doing?" he asked from the ground, looking not at all suprised to be in this predicament. Being a ferret without many skills, besides his talent in creating and fixing items, Prestor was used to near-falling.
    "And, what's with you,...thing?" he asked as he got up and followed the group now forming around the thing. On closer inspection, he decided, it wasn't a mole.

  • Mallorn stopped running and helped Prestor up, then kept on toward the abbey, which was in sight now, at a slower pace, allowing Sparhawk, Prestor, You, and… Thing, to keep up, "Hi there Prestor, we were just on our way... (OOC: to see the wonderful wizard of Oz, hyuk hyuk hyuk) ...to the abbey to ask brother Grith what my good friend..." He thought for a moment, then threw a paw around the furless beast's shoulders, "THING! That's it! We were just on our way to ask what my good friend Thing here is."

  • "SHUT UP SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP!"James yelled."I am James Paul and I am a human beaing!"James gathered himself."I'm sorry I'm just a bit upset.Can we just get to were we're going please.I got a head ache."

  • "SHUT UP SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP! I am James Paul and I am a human beaing! I'm sorry I'm just a bit upset. Can we just get to were we're going please. I got a head ache."

    Spar winced as Thing, no, James Paul, shouted. "What is a, humin bean?" He asked in puzzlement.

  • Mallorn shrugged in response as they neared the abbey gates, "I don't know? Maybe it's like a green bean, but," He turned to look at Paul, "Taller, bigger, paler, and… less bean like."
      You slowly crept up to Paul, watching him warily, then started sniffing Paul's leg. After a moment of sniffing, You blinked several times, then tackled Paul and started licking his face.
      "Don't worry Paul, that just means he likes you," Mallorn said as he started to back into the abbey through the front gate.

  • "Never heard of any beans, myself, but this clothing you wear… Is that a metal piece there? And this strange material there? We've got to get into business together, if you'd tell me how you got these clothes." Prestor poked and prodded at James Paul until satisfied, ignoring anything he could say to such treatment.
    "Not to sound like I'm against a good panic, but I think you need to relax before you become the first humin bean corpse in Mossflower, see? Here, have some water." Prestor handed James Paul his flask, smiling up at him in the friendliest way he could manage. "I know it can get a little strange at times--been a few foreign places myself. Don't worry your head about the strangeness--just focus on the things that make sense." the words of wisdom would be more comforting if they were not said by Prestor, who rapidly switched his mind to the tasks of twitching this way and that and occasionally muttering about 'impossible materials and expensive colors' and 'possibilities for weaponry'. He looked at You being enthusiastic, and shook his head, smile growing into the perfect grin.

  • James hand shook the flask as just got over the tackle and licking."Thank you.Do you mean my lucky chain?It can't hurt no one,and I have no idea how my cloths were made.I just bought them at a market and these cloths are not expensive." 'Well there friendly enough but I just hope they all don't lick me.'He thought."I'm not a bean and if you make fun of it again I'll slap you."He pointed to all of them.

  • "You want to slap us!?" Spar asked incredulously. He drew his sword and showed it to James Paul, "you see this?" He asked. "It's called a sworrd, and it's sharp!" To demonstrate he cut over a small sapling with one swipe of the sword. "You get the idea? And why would we want to lick you? You probably don't taste good."

    They had reached the gates by this time and Sparhawk hailed the gatekeeper to let them in. There was creaking and rumbling as the great gates were opened to let the little party in.

  • James couldn't help but to laugh a little at the giant animals reaction."Yes I know what a sword is and quite frankly I'm not impressed.Wow that's a big gate!"James looking at the impressive construction.

  • Brother Grith, the ancient vole gatekeeper, Plopped back into his stuffed armchair after opening the gates. Within seconds, he was asleep again, snoring like a herd of pigs.
      With a loud bang, Mallorn threw open the door, allowing sunlight to pour in. Grith curled into a ball and hissed.
      "Hello Brother Grith!! I brought something for you," He beckoned James, who was still outside, forward.
      "Is it a pair of earplugs and a blindfold?" Grith asked hopefully.

  • Prestor listened and watched as the threats were exchanged, smiling. He knew nothing bad would happen because both beasts seemed to be nice at heart. Especially James-Paul. He looked like he never even saw a sword before.
    Being a ferret, Prestor could appreciate the vole's reaction to being disturbed, so quickly set about rummaging in his shoulder bag.
    "No, but I have those items here!" Prestor cheerfully ran up with two clumps of dried moss with a small metal attachment between them, that formed earmuffs, and a small strip of dark black clothing.
    "I doubt it would be nice to poor James-Paul, though. Please take a look at him before putting on the blindfold. Also, I'd like him to be as welcome in Redwall as I am, and how can you welcome somebeast you can't see?" Prestor winked to James.
    "They love me here, you know."
    (OOC: Feel free to prove Prestor wrong, or right, everyone. He is deserving of both!)

  • "This guy a bit annoying ain't he?If I had my bag I,d show you a trench shovel.Much more impressive than that tooth pick of a sword you got there squrrily."

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