The Great Spring Feast

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    Tessa and Jessie bowed, "Thankee for the compliment, sir." Tessa and Jessie said.
    Turning to Oliver, the two squirrels greeted the young squirrel, "Pleasure to meet ya!" Jessie said brightly. "Hope you like it here, don't forget, sleep with one eye open..." Tessa said.
    Jessie sniffed the air, "Yo..sis, I smell shrip and hotroot soup..."They looked at each other and turned to their spot on the table, then bounced off, "I called it!" Jessie said as she scampered up the tree, while Tessa took the ground route. Jessie sailed over the table to the next tree and landed neatly right as Tessa did a lovely turn, on to their seats.
    Both grabbed the bowl of hotroot soup,
    "I got it first," Tessa said looking a Jessie.
    "No...I got if first, see my hand is under yours!" Jessie said pointing.
    "Thats because you moved it there!" Tessa said.
    "Did not!"
    "Did too!"
    "Did not!"

    Major Burywrinkle came up behind the two squirrels and grabbed them by the scruff of the neck, "Enough you two!"  Tessa and Jessie let go of the bowl and protested, "But sir.."
    "NO. He dragged them out of site and gave them a good scolding. A few moments later, Tessa and Jessie came back and sat down, looking glum.
    "Sorry sis..." Tessa said
    "No I'm sorry." Jessie said, "Good side?"
    "Good side." Tessa confirmed and they dug in the feast, not fighting over food anymore for the time being.

    Skip looked at the two squirrels, "When your with them, your life never gets boring." he sat down next to Major Burywrinkle and engaged in a hearted conversation.

    The badger Lord sat next to the young badger, "Nothing like a good Redwall feast to finish the day, eh Serroth?" Silver clapped the young badger on the back.
    Silver finished his meal and then sat back, "Young Serroth, from the moment I set eyes on you, I knew who you were and what you were to become." He looked at the young badger, "

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  • The large squirrel blinked at the two smaller squirrels. "Sleep with one.. eye open?.." Not the most comfortable warning, but he hoped that all the pranks pulled on Brad wouldn't be directed at him now. "Ah don't worry mate, they're silly beasts, they won't harm you.. much." He chuckled before directing Oliver back two the table. They watched as the two were pulled away arguing and coming back silent.

    Brad and Oliver tried to sit next to each other, but they were large for being a squirrel and mouse, it was a tight squeeze for both muscular creatures. "Ah move over a little bit matey, yer too big." Oliver said to Brad. "Me too big? Yer twice my size matey, especially now, you really got big these past three years." Brad said, looking over at Oliver. "Fine, I 'ave an idea. Just ask everyone next to you to slide down a lil'." Oliver spoke out again before Brad nodded in agreement. "Every beast next to me, could you by any chance, er, move down a little? Its quite a squeeze right now."

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    Jared and everyone sitting next to him quickly shifted over on the table, leaving enough space for Brad to sit in next to Oliver. Rina, having had enough to eat, laid her head on Jared's shoulder and rested. Jared put his free arm around his mate as he asked, "So, where are you from, Brad? I don't think I know you." Next to him, Madeline leaned over the table, her ears perked up in interest.

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    Oliver looked over at Brad and smiled brightly, "Go on old friend, let 'im 'ear yer story."

    Brad exchanged the look back to Oliver then returned his look to Jared and Madeline. "Well I was born up in the Canyons, many months of traveling away from this Abbey." He sipped his mug of fresh cordial and continued. "Our tribe is a swordsbeast clan and also farmers. Either you want to be a warrior or you want to farm, it's all up to each individual family. "

    He started to  remember back his place of origin. "I was born into a swordsbeast family, in which at a young age, I was taught the ways of combat. I had an older brother whom I've looked up to during my growing stages. My father trained me and helped me; he cared deeply for my well being and for my swordsmanship. My brother, Gordan, used to own the great broadsword that I carry with my on my back, buts it's being tended to by Oliver's friend. "

    The large mouse warrior took another swig of his cordial before going further. "Anyways, when we grew into our teens, me and my brother always trained together, trying to compete to see who was the best. He was a bit older and more experienced, so he won most of the time.."

    "A season later, our village was attacked by a crew of vermin. They were powerful, my brother went in for the fight.. but we won! Years later, when I turned eighteen a large monster of a creature attack us, this time they sent me in to battle. It was a long battle, we lost many soldiers.. but I bested the beast after our long battle. I came out victorious, body broken.. I was made Champion of the Canyonlands." He smiled brightly then frowned.

    "I met Oliver at sea and we traveled for some time before reaching the road to Redwall. This was before they found Oliver half dead in front of their gates when he was nineteen." He swallowed the last gulp and returned his gaze back into Jared's eyes, firey and warrior like. "Our rag tag army of good beasts were attacked by vermin a couple miles away from redwall. We did what we could.. until they slain my brother! I went into a rage, blinding fury, my eyes had a tint of red.. I lost all thought.. The last thing I saw was Oliver get smacked in the back of the head with a rock. Then where I ended up was a mystery.. I took my brothers sword and vowed to protect all and slay all those who oppose the way of the good.."

    Oliver sighed and drank his cordial as well. "Hmm.. Good on ya matey, glad to see you back."

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    Jared decided not to tell Brad about his past life, so he quickly left the table without a  word and left through the Abbey Gate, pacing around in front of the wall near the trees, completely speechless and his paws in his pockets. Rina looked at her family, stood up, and followed Jared outside. "Jared?" She asked, putting her arms around him. Jared stopped and held Rina close to his fur. "I can't hold it in anymore, Rina. I have to tell them the truth…"

    "Jared, no." Rina whispered. "You shouldn't tell Brad and Oliver; it'll alarm them. " Jared looked his mate in the eyes and slowly stroked her fur. "They have to know, or else I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Where's Oliver?"

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  • Zerstoren continued along the path, following the smells of food. Strangely enough, although he wasn't in any danger, the weasel didn't like it in the abbey. He felt too…...confined. Zer noticed a pair (?) of squirrels talking by the gate, but didn't say anything and sort of slunk around them.

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