The Great Spring Feast

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    Spring, the season of new beginnings. The the snow melts and the weather gets warmer, preparing for summer and letting the flowers bloom. Spring also brings out many great things in Mossflower wood. It's also the season where the creatures of Redwall to start one of their many great feasts. Gracious amounts of food served,  many beasts eat, tell stories to each other, and just talk as one big family. Many beasts are brought closer together this time of the year, showing how peaceful and happy Redwall can be.

    Oliver woke up early, knowing he had to be in the kitchen soon. "I'm so sore." The big squirrel complained, his muscles aching from the intense training sessions he had with Lagg. The squirrel got dressed, went out back and washed his face in the pond, and walked til he reached the side door of the abbey wall. He unlocked the door and walked in.

    It was still very early, only a few beasts awake, knowing that they also had to be ready for the feast. Oliver walked to cavern hole then went to the kitchen.

  • Rorgus was already in the kitchen getting his breakfast as usual.He was always one of the early risers. Seeing Oliver come into the kitchen he went over to meet him.
    " Good morning Oliver!" He said cheerfully " the Abbot tells me there is to be a spring feast.Is that why your here? Where are we going to have it? In the orchard would be a good place. Here he said I'll help you get tables." With that he went to one of the long tables and picked up one end of it waiting for Oliver to get the other.

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    "Rorgus right? Pleased to meet you and a good mornin' yerself! You're younger than I thought Lad!" Oliver exclaimed happily. "Yeah, I'm 'ere to 'elp with the feast, it's goin' to be good!" The large squirrel went to the other end of the table, helping Rorgus lift it. "So matey, 'ow long 'ave you been livin' 'ere in Redwall?" Oliver asked with enthusiasm.

  • I've been here a season now. I have a Holt in Mossflower wood which I go and visit every once in a while. I have a mother and sister there." He said lifting up his end of the table and carrying it to (idk).
    " So where do you live? Do you have any siblings?" He set down the table and they went back for another one.

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    "Oh nice! That must be nice to have a sibling." Oliver went on to asking his question. "Well, I 'ave a father and a mother, no siblings, I used to live in a village called little Redwall. Its modeled after this place, but it doesn't 'ave many creatures in it, a peaceful little village a couple of miles from here." Oliver explained as he followed the Otter to get another table.

    "But I traveled most of my life, I started when I was yer age. I've only lived 'ere a couple of seasons. ((about three years))"

    ((Oliver in human years is about 7 years older than your character. He's 23.))

  • Rorgus went over to another table and lifted up his end.
    " Are your parents still there? Do you go visit them?" They carried another table out then stopped to get a drink.
    " So how many tables will we need?" He grabbed several chairs and began taking those out.
    " I hear this is going to be a big feast!" He said " I'm going to make the shrimp 'n' hotroot soup. Do you want to help me catch the shrimp? I'm going to the river as soon as we set up here."

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    Oliver went to the other side and did the same.
    "Yes they still live there, I 'avent seen em in a while. I usually 'ave a bird friend from the village send my writings to them, to see 'ow everythin' is goin'." Oliver said happily. "They are doin' quite well, I'll visit when I go on my journey soon."
    Oliver looked at the tables and looked back at Rorgus. "We'll need a lot more my friend, every 'ungry beast in Redwall will be 'ere." He said as he helped the young Otter. "I'd be 'appy to 'elp you catch shrimp!"

  • Rorgus was delighted he took up another table end after taking his load of chairs out.
    " When we go to catch shrimp at the river I'll go and get my mother and sister and bring them! They won't want to miss out on this feast! And maybe the Guosim will come." There were going to be alot of beasts at the feast, he thought.

    When they had finished taking the tables out Rorgus went to a closet and pulled out nets for catching shrimp. He packed it together got a couple scones and a jug of October Ale and was ready to go.
    " You coming Oliver!" He said to the big squirrel.

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    "Sounds like a grand idea lad!" Oliver said, finishing his end of the work. He was excited to say he was helping setting something up for once. Oliver enjoyed the feasts here, all the stories told of legendary warriors, myths, and general interesting information. Oliver watched as other beasts started helping out, after waking up.

    Oliver smiled then looked back at Rorgus. "Yes, lets go dive for some shrimp!" Oliver loved catching fish and swimming in general. You would think this squirrel was an otter! He followed Rorgus out the doors.

  • After about an hour they arrived at the river. Rorgus dropping the nets dived strait into the water and began swimming around. He went under and saw a shoal oh shrimp. Jumping quickly out of the water he grabbed the nets,
    " here help me Oliver! There's a shoal of shrimp right there." They each got one end of the net and Rorgus jumped back into the water so that the net was stretched across the river in front of the shrimp.

    They left the net there to catch shrimp then Rorgus led Oliver to his Holt.

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    Oliver took the top part of his tunic off, not wanting to get it wet. His large build was very apparent, hard to see a squirrel being this big. He helped out Rorgus with the net, then followed him after is was set.

  • Back at Redwall, Silfur was taking one of his usual walks through the forest near Redwall, and to his amazement, he found one of the wallgates open. He ambled up to the open portal and ducked his head inside. Everywhere, Redwallers were just rising and seemed to be setting something up in the orchard. He felt a twinge in his core as he watched the woodlanders walking about, laughing and talking amiably.
       Suddenly, a paw grabbed the back of Silfur's neck and lifted him off the ground.
       "Well now! If it isn't Mr. Scum of the Earth himself," A large hedgehog held Silfur a foot off the ground, pressing the dormouse's face to his own, "What, do you want?" He asked, slamming and locking the gate.
       Silfur grinned handsomely, "I heard you were having a feast today and I was wondering if you had an extra place at the table. I rarely get to experience the finer foods because, though they might be obedient, rats and weasels don't throw very good parties."
       The hedgehog scrunched up his snout and eyed the dormouse severely, "WHY, would we let you in?"
       Silfur continued to grin as he dangled in the hog's mighty grip like a leaf on a branch, "Would you rather have me out there amongst the vermin, or in here, where you can keep an eye on me?"
       The hog chewed on this for a moment, then abruptly dropped Silfur. As Silfur regained his balance, the hog grabbed his walking stick, hefted it, and launched it over the battlements, out into Mossflower.
       Silfur whistled as he watched it arc out of sight, shading his eyes with a paw. The hedgehog grabbed him roughly and started to drag him toward the main abbey building, "You want a feast, you're going to work for it in the cellars."

  • Dusk had never been to Redwall befor but he had heard about it. What he saw was even greater than the tales he had been told. He had been spying on the beast inside and he knew that a feast was going on today and he was going to get in. He was on a branch that was close to the wall. He went to the back to the trunk of the tree, took a deep breath, and took a runing jump at the wall. He just barely cleard the wall. He sat on the other side of the battlements. He looked in at the grounds. there was no one there. He asummed that they were inside helping with the feast. he climbed down and ran silently to the abbey main door. he slowly inched them open and sliped inside. he then went to the feasting hall. he looked around for a good hidding place. he decided to go up on the rafters above the tables and sat down to wait for the feast to start. he heard sounds outside. "Dam they must be setting it up outside." He climbed back down and went outside again. he climbed up the side of the abbey wall on the orchard side of the building. he sat down a second story window sill. he could see the Redwallers setting up the tables in the orchard.

  • Though he was a wanderer, Serroth often found himself staying at Redwall Abbey. He hadn't intended to any time soon, but word of the spring feast had made its way to him through some fellow travelers, and he made his way to the abbey post-haste. Jovially he made his way through Mossflower, images of tables upon tables of esteemed Redwall cooking running through his head. As usual, he did not consider the fact that the woodlanders would need his help setting up. He had arrived a few days prior to mingle with the abbeybeasts, though he did not awake until the sunlight was already beginning its retreat. It was not so on the day of the feast. Serroth was poked awake in the early morning by eager creatures, and tired as he was he could not refuse to help such kind-hearted beasts.

    Serroth's rumbling yawns occasionally reverberated throughout the area, but though he appeared tired and a bit grumpy, he was glad to be awake and helping rather than dozing lazily in the comfort of Cavern Hole that he so very much enjoyed. He knew naught of cooking, and in his younger days had been chided relentlessly for his tendency to sneak a taste of everything he came across, so the badger put his great strength to use carrying tables and chairs out to the orchard. He preferred feasting in the Great Hall, himself, but it mostly stemmed from his tendency to be where the sunlight couldn't find him. He would have to take his own time to admire the architecture, stained glass, and most importantly, the great tapestry of Martin.

    The massive mustelid had been roused earlier than he would have liked. In his tired, stumbling stupor he had only managed to put on his boots and cuisses, though it worked in his favor when he began his work. The heavy chained hauberk would have been unnecessary weight, and the gentle spring breeze ruffled the fur on his back, keeping him cool as he hefted a heavy oak table across the abbey lawns. Taking great care, he placed it in its order with the others, making sure to leave room for the many feasting goodbeasts that would soon occupy it. Serroth surveyed the area and sniffed the air around him, partially keeping a lookout for any threats, but mostly admiring the budding trees that swayed gently, and trying to get a whiff of whatever the wind would carry to him from Redwall's famous kitchens.

  • A unusual group made its way threw Mossflower Woods.

    Two twin squirrels, Tessa and Jessie. Their black fur gleamed in the shafts of light that came down threw the trees. One of them was wearing a simple green tunic with a belted rope. In her hand she carried a walking stick,  on her wrist glints a golden bracelet on with a pack across her back. This was Tessa, Lieutenant of the Long Patrol (long story) and next to her was her dedicated twin sister Jessie. Jessie had a blue tunic on with a rope belt, on each side she carried two throwing knives, in a battered leather sheath. Sung across her back was a longbow and goosetipped arrows. Slung over her shoulder was  a brown pack that had her ink, maps and paper in it. Jessie was a mapmaker, and usually went with patrol to update the maps and map new areas.

    Bringing up the rear was an otter, his name was Skip.  Skip was a river otter that was a good friend to Tessa and Jessie and tagged along once he heard the great feast of Redwall. On occasions he help Jessie map areas that she couldn't. Skip was a tall brown otter with a white underside, his black eyes eyes soft and kind, with a white stripe in the middle of his face. His left ear was pierced and he carried a bag on his back with some hotroots. (his favorite) He wore a loose leather tunic on that was patched and frayed, but he didn't mind.

    Together they all walked the path to Redwall, Tessa and Jessie had gotten into a friendly argument over who's blade was better. Tessa slid her paw up her staff and a 6 inch blade came out of the top, "Come on…Mine beats your knives all the way, the opponent doesn't even know what is coming at them till it slide it out!"
    Jessie retaliated, "Well, you only have one, I have four and what happens if it breaks? If your stick brea-"
    "Its a staff not a stick!" Tessa cut in.
    Jessie sighed, "Well if you stick..wait..your so called staff breaks, what would you do?"
    Tessa looked at her, "Then I will fight with two shorter staffs, and if those don't work, then I'll bite them."
    Jessie laughed, "So we come into an agreement that my knives are better then your staff and blade."
    Tessa looked at her, " know what, its not true, I.."
    Skip called out after Tessa, "Hey Tess, you better find another thing, you lost this one!"
    Tessa turned around, "Really, and I think you have something better on you?"
    "No, but I know one thing that would both beat you.."
    "What would that be?" Jessie shouted over her shoulder
    "This!" he threw some water at them and both squirrels squeaked in surprise.
    Tessa and Jessie stood their, "I'm I"m going to look like a fur ball!"" Tessa said
    Jessie spun around and tacked Skip, "You might win with water, but I can still make you eat dirt." as she stood up and looked at the mud covered otter.

    Tessa shook herself and immediately puffed up like a fur ball. Jessie and Skip all roared in laughter. "Lieutenant Tessa, you better hope the Abbot has some brushes for you." Tessa just glowered at them, but then broke out in laughter. Finally they reached the gate and Tessa did her best to smooth down her fur, with some help of Jessie. They passed threw the gates and into the abby, Jessie sniffed the air, "I smell food!" she said and Skip sniffed the air too, "LEts hope they have some hotroot!" Tessa grabbed Skip and Jessie by the their tails and held them back.
    "Easy you too, lets not burst in on them and eat all the food." he said in his deep voice.
    Tessa chucked to herself, "You got told off."

  • Sparhawk caught sight of a strange little company on the path to Redwall. There was a really really big badger, two squirrels and an otter! The to squirrels seemed to be having an argument over something, then the otter said something and through water at the two. One stood there looking shocked and the other just tackled the otter. Spar climbed down the pine tree he had been watching from and followed the foursome to the Abbey. When they reached the open gates the badger grabbed the tails of the otter and one of the squirrels. He was close enough to over hear what the badger said, and it made him grin. Walking close he tapped the other squirrel on the shoulder and said,
    "Hullo there! Who might you be?"

  • Flora Shorewind was upstairs in the dibbuns dormitory giving them baths. It was easy on her, since the little tykes never made a fuss. She was real gentle to them, and they gained her respect. "Ok..whose next?" asked Flora as he just finished with one hedgehog who was drying himself off and off to go put on his clothes. "Oi think I iz the last'un mum!" said tiny female mole, as she waddled up to Flora. "Oh you are, are ya?" asked the female otter, as he picked up the mole and started tickling her belly. "Oi! Stop! Pleaheeheeheese mum!" said the young mole as she was then set down in the bath. "After you get dressed and will you be the leader and head the rest of ya'lls group downstairs to the dining hall? And if they act up, tell them the badger mum will be watching." ordered Flora. The mole nodded and winked, "Oi can do that'un easierwy mum!" said the mole.

    Meanwhile back in the kitchen Lagg Tilk was standing around the bowls of food conspicuously putting a spoon into each bowl and tasting what was in it. "Mmm~! Delicious work as always!" said the male otter to himself. If someone did pass by him, he quickly would hide the spoon behind his back and then nod at the abbey beast that came by him if they were to look at him.

  • Dusk looked in at the dibbuns getting washed by the otter. He turned around and looked at his own body. it had dirt and leaves all over it. since he had left his village he had never been washed.  He listend as the dibbuns lauged happily. He never laughed like that. As he watched the beasts prepearing their feast he thought that mabye he could live here. Mabye these abbey dewllers could learn to accept him. He sighed and continued his watching.

  • Flora watched as the young mole that she just bathe lead the dibbuns down to the great hall. She got up and brushed off her dress and was about to head downstairs when she noticed someone she never seen before. "Oh, hello…! I don't believe I've seen you before. Are you new here?" asked Flora. "If you wanting to take a bath I'm finished in there, so it's vacant."

  • "Ummm are you talking to me?" dusk asked a little confused. He thought no one would notice him up hear, and no one had ever asked him something like this befor.

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