• Name: Unknown. Could actually be "You".

    Nickname: You, Mirror, White

    Species: White sea otter

    Description: You is about five and a half [animal] feet tall and weighs 155 [animal] pounds. He has frosty white fur, almost reflective like snow, red eyes, a thin streak of black fur moving down his face and across one eye like a scar, and bronze colored paws. He walks on all fours, all the time.
    -He wears only a tattered pair of black trunks, no matter what the weather or climate.
    -Though mentally unstable, he has a clear sense of right and wrong, but self preservation is valued over morality… normally. He speaks his mind; whether or not people are there to hear it doesn't seem to enter into the equation.

    Possessions: He carries a thick, metal fan about a foot wide. The fan is sharpened to a razor edge on all sides, except the handle. He keeps it thoroughly polished and talks to it.

    -Scares people with his disconcerting speech. I mean REALLY scares them. "Curled up in the fetal position, thumb sucking, cold sweat" scares them.
    -Can sense lies, and is very vocal about it.

    -Nigh impossible to understand on a first meeting.
    -No social skills.

    Background: By what cruel, sadistic, torturous, or even accidental means "You" was driven to his current state is a long story, and some stories are better left untold.
    "You" wandered down from the northlands. Shunned or even chased away by any and all holts he has come into contact with, "You" continued south until he reached Mossflower. He hopes to find a friendly place to live. A place where creatures don't recoil at the sight of him would be beyond his best hopes.
    Whenever he talks, he reverses the point of view; referring to himself as "You" and to others as "I", "Me", or "We", depending.

  • Blink I didn't know an animal can be semi-albino….

  • Yeah, I'm kind of skeptical of that myself now that I really think about it. :-
    I'll just fix that right now…

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