Oliver's Hidden Home: Training Days

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    Oliver stirred early in the morning, the piles of dishes at the abbey made for a rough night. Breakfast was made already, and eaten quite quickly! The adult squirrel cleaned his plates up and got ready for the day.

    He put his training tunic on, one sleeve gone ripped from the shoulder part while exposing his whole arm, shoulder, and some if his chest.
    He re-wrapped all four of his paw wraps and tied his long wooden staff to his back. The squirrel tucked his crescent moon necklace under the collar of his shirt as well.

    Oliver Swiftstream, the crazy squirrel had everything all set up as if he planned it out. He walked from his backyard to the path leading to side door of Redwall.  Oliver unlocked the door, walked through, then called out, "Lagg, I 'ope you're awake lad! Today's going to be a long one!"

  • Lagg walked out of the side door, wearing a green tunic fro training in. The sleeves were jagged, almost as if they were cut on purpose. "Your gonna wake everyone up if you keep yellin' like that!" said Lagg, chuckling a bit. He knew some of the abbey beasts were probably up already fixing breakfast.

    "So, what are we gonna do first?"

  • Oliver covered his mouth and snickered. "Oops." Oliver looked back, and pointed in a direction. "Well, let me show you what we're gon' be dealin' with!" Oliver smiled and gestured Lagg to follow him, walking down the path.

  • "It looks like it's gonna be a nice day out, eh?" asked Lagg. He followed the squirrel down path, not helping to notice the wonderful scenery as they made their way to the training grounds. The male otter wondered how strong the squirrel was if they were to tackle each other. "So how long do you often train at this place?"

  • "Yea the weathers nice today!" he answered Lagg. Oliver looked up at the trees, waving to other squirrels passing by and birds too. "A couple of 'ours a day. Nothin' too crazy time wise, I'm all about short and intense training!" replied the large squirrel. "I've been training back 'ere ever since I moved to Redwall."

    Oliver moved some bushes out of the way letting Lagg go first. "After you matey!" he said.

  • Lagg stepped through the bushes, but stopping shortly after. His eyes grew wide at the site of the training grounds. "Matey…this is one big training ground." said Lagg in awe. The otter's jaw almost dropped also.

  • Oliver followed him in and stood next to him chuckling with great delight. "Isn't it great Lagg!" The big squirrel kept on walking waving a finger at the stunned Otter to follow.

    "Lagg, someone wise once told me.. to be the best, you 'ave to believe you are great. Practice every skill in a great training ground to better yourself. Respect others, do your best, be kind, be aggressive, be everything you want to be. Do not give up, do the right thing, and fight for the good of all beasts." he said with great memorization and courage.

    Oliver continued to speak. "In this training ground, prove to yourself what it is to be the best. Prove to yourself you will not give up. Push yourself to your limit." Oliver stretched out his body, preparing himself for the training. "So.. are you ready?" Oliver asked.

  • "Those are some wise words to listen to." said Lagg. At first the otter wondered who said that, but he just figured it was probably just one of his captains or something. Lagg stretched for a second and did some exercises. "Ok! I'm ready whenever you are!" smiled Lagg.

  • Oliver smiled, he glanced at Lagg's eyes, seeing that he was ready for anything. "Alright! Lagg me mate, first part of todays session is to tackle but at the same time lift up the dummy slightly, to give it an added punch when slamming it into the ground." Oliver said. "You 'ave to 'it it with your shoulders, then quickly wrap around it's waist to lift and drop it all at the same time." Oliver continued to explain. "Be careful, you have to 'it it at the right spot, which is right at the waist an inch below the armor, it 'urts quite a bit if you 'it it too 'igh and 'it the armor." he said while slowly getting into a football player type of stance.

    "'ere, I'll demonstrate." Oliver had five dummies set up, the smallest one being the size of a mouse, then a rat, then a ferret, stoat, and a giant lizard. The mouse weighed about 120 pounds, the rat about 150, the stoat about 180, and the lizard about 230.

    The squirrel propped his butt up, then ran out of the stance, keeping low. His speed greatly increased, practically full speed at the giant lizard dummy. "BAM!" Oliver's shoulder crashed into the waistline of the Lizard. "Rrraaahh!" His paws wrapped around the dummies waist as they were falling. He lifted upwards, slowly picking up the heavy object and fell into the ground quickly Thud! his legs flaring up while driving it into the ground.

  • Lagg nodded as he was told what the first step in the training was. "Sounds easy enough…!" exclaimed the otter.

    When the squirrel went straight for the lizard first, he couldn't believe that Oliver could take down that heavy thing. "Wow mate, wouldn't want to be against ya!" said Lagg. The male otter got into position just like Oliver, in the football sorta stance. "...which one...I guess the lizard won't be a push over..." said the otter to himself as he waited for the squirrel to put it back up.

    After given the ok, Lagg rushed at the lizard dummy and quickly jabbed his upper arm and lower arm into the stomach of the dummy, quickly noting that the lizard dummy's upper torso bent down a bit. Lagg quickly noted this and grabbed where the shoulders on the lizard dummy would be, picking up. "Hurrgh!" grunted Lagg, not expecting it to be that heavy. He quickly hoisted the dummy above his head, and back down behind him. Lagg's back bending backwards as the dummies head hit the ground upside down. The otter let the dummy go and stood back up. "Geez that thing is heavy! What's in it?" asked the young otter as he panted slightly.

  • "Wow, good job mate!! You basically did the second part of the training, your throwing technique, very impressive! It rivals even my throwing ability!" Oliver was very impressed at the otters performance. "Well, inside of the straw is a thin net that 'olds heavy dirt and sand." Oliver said, answering Lagg's question.

    "We are going to go down the line, next we 'it the stoat. Each creature we 'it, we 'ave to go lower and lower, so we don't 'it the armor. We are going to focus on our throwing abilities too." Oliver continued to explain. "Remember, don't stop til you throw the mouse sized dummy."

    "Not sure if you know this, but when we take the next creatures to the ground, we are going to lift them from that par-terre position, which is when they are on their back, knees, or lying on their stomachs." Oliver said, with detail. He walked back to the starting position and got into a stance.

    " 'ere it goes!" with that said, Oliver rushed off. Smack! Oliver drove the stoat into the ground. He quickly stood up and wrapped his arms and paws around the stomach of the stoat. "Grah!" The large squirrel kicked his foot back, flipping the stoat backwards onto its neck, staying in an arch.

    He let go, flipping out from the arch and tackled the ferret from behind. Oliver squatted down lifting it up from its belly, flipping it into a power bomb position. "Yah!" He yelled, slamming the dummy downwards, a loud thud escaping from the slam onto it's back.

    The large squirrel was panting by now, standing up and going at the rat. He wrapped up its legs from the front, hoisting it high above his head while squeezing the legs together. Oliver brought the dummy down hard on its back.

    Oliver stood up, wiping his forehead. He went at the mouse, bear hugging it while lifting it. His technique proved to be intense, but strong. The large squirrel, rolled onto his back, kicking the mouse over his head.

    He stood up and set up the creatures for Lagg. "Huff.. huff.. Whoooo!.." He said catching his breath. "Your turn matey!.." He put his paws up to his head to get more air.

  • Lagg nodded and got into position. He took in a deep breath and rushed after the stoat pouncing on to it's back and pushing his right hind-paw onto it's back. He took the head of the dummy and pulled it up. He didn't mean to, but he tore so hard that the upper torso came off.

    Lagg couldn't think about it now, as he went to the ferret, sitting on what the dummies stomach would be and brought an arm up, twisting it. The otter then went after the rat, bending it's legs and twisting, sorta the same as what happened to the ferrets arm.

    Lagg finally got to the mouse. Not wanting to hit the armor, the otter got extremely low to the ground. He  then charged the dummy stepping on it with one of his hind-paws to make sure his enemy wouldn't go anywhere, and then he grabbed the mouse dummy and slung it onto the ground.

    Lagg panted heavily, and looked around at the dummies. "….sorry about the mess...I-.." Lagg tried to catch his breath. "I can help you fix it."

  • "Hahaha, yes! I love the intensity! All's well my friend." Oliver said, patting Lagg's back heartily. "We been goin' at it for so long, I think it's time for lunch already!" The sun was high into the sky, beating its beautiful rays down to the lands.

    Oliver ran in his house for a brief moment, then came back out with a plate of scones. He set the plate on a table that he had outside and ran back for the pot of vegetable soup. He used a cloth to hold onto the small pots handle, trying not to burn himself. It was set on to the table as well. He set two bowls in front of the pot and smiled. "Eat up my friend, we still 'ave a long day." He said.

    The large squirrel used a ladle to pour soup into his bowl, he grabbed some scones and ate away.

  • "Yes, we do have a long day..!" smiled Lagg. He still felt like she repay the squirrel for tearing up the dummies, but of course Oliver would probably not hear of it. The otter chowed down on the scones and soup. "Man, this delicious! No wonder your a cook at the Abbey!" explained Lagg.

  • "Well thanks! I've been doin' it fer a while now. Mostly cause I sneak peeks at the recipes, I'm mostly on dish duty." The sneaky squirrel winked as he finished up his soup. "Those cooks have some good old fashioned recipes!" Oliver exclaimed greatly, then started laughing.

    "Let me know when yer ready to head to the next part of the training. I think you'll like whats next, it has to do with dodging and striking." Oliver looked at the Otter. "What weapon types do you use? If you didn't bring your weapon I have plenty. Just let me know what kind you use." He asked kindly.

  • Lagg quickly came behind Oliver and put his dagger next to his throat. "I think you just lost that test matey..!" said Lagg, chuckling a bit. He the let go of the squirrel, sheathing the dagger back into it's holster.  "Never leave home without it!" smiled the otter as he waited for the squirrel to be done. "Just waiting for you..!"

  • Oliver smiled as he was held by knife point. "Quite the warrior my friend! Never underestimate a beast, even if you caught them off gaurd!" The squirrel had his concealed dagger from his belt in free paw, pointing at Lagg's stomach. "I use staff, 'and to 'and, and dagger, quite a nice combination, especially when in a pickle." Oliver said as he chuckled with Lagg. He also put his weapon away as soon as Lagg let go.

    He walked Lagg over to the next area of the training field. Logs were held by ropes, dangling from some of the trees. In other spots were little traps that had logs shoot out from each side, traps from the tops of trees, and traps on hills like rolling stumps. "This is the striking and dodging part, every time you advance you have to strike the log hanging from the tree. This will activate traps on each end of the logs." Oliver continued, "When you dodge or avoid a trap, you have to attack the many logs hanging from the trees, they will swing so dodge but use your best efforts to dodge cause a trap will be activated." Oliver finished.

    "Go first Lagg, the traps will reset themselves after you finish the course, I will go next."

  • Lagg nodded and got in place. He steadied himself, getting a good look at the course. After a second he rushed up to one of the vines that was holding the logs, which was on the ground. He cut it which activated two logs on either side of him to come swinging down the middle. He quickly dodged the speeding logs as his dagger accidentally cut a rope that was on the ground. Soon about a dozen medium and small logs started shooting at him from one side to the next. Lagg put the dagger sideways in his mouth, and ran on all fours, weaving in and out of the spaces between the logs. On some of them he actually was able to make stairs out of them as he eventually landed on the other side out of harms way.

    The otter took the dagger out of his mouth and noticed the final step were some logs on a hill. The young otter slashed the rope that came from the top of the hill which held a net in front of the logs. When he cut the rope, the net fell and the logs started rolling. Lagg sheathed his dagger and ran on all fours up the hill. Dodging left, right, over, and under the logs as the came at him unmercifully. As he barely managed to get past one log, his shoulder nicked it a little, blooding coming out of a small wound.

    Eventually Lagg got to the top of the hill and turned around, waving back at the Squirrel to let him know he was finished.

  • Oliver clapped smiling happily. "Good job mate!" He called out. Oliver watched as logs fell out the tops of the trees, showing that they were new ones for him. Everything stopped swinging as the course was reset again. "Alright, my turn." he said to himself.

    Oliver reached back and pulled his staff from his back, he twirled it to both of his paws with great skill. Clap! the sound of the staff smacking the ground. He twirled it one final time, under his pit, then ran towards the course.

    Oliver smacked his staff into a log, activating the first couple of traps. He jumped barely clearing the rolling log. Another log fell from the tree, which as soon as he landed, did a side roll to dodge it. He stood up hitting the two logs next to him, activating two logs from the side, a log rolling down the hill and a log falling out of the tree. He was trapped, he thought quickly. He back sprang away from the two side logs, side rolled from the falling log, but the rolling log was too close.

    The large squirrel braced himself quickly, digging his hind legs into the ground, he lowered his shoulder and put his arms out. BAM! The log collided hard into the squirrel, pushing him back hard, but he managed to stop it. Oliver fell down, but slowly got up, and ran on all fours up the hill, using his staff to push away a falling log. He made it next to Lagg, and plopped down on his butt.

    "Ow, big one that I stopped hurt!" Oliver exclaimed, rubbing his shoulder and arms tenderly.

  • Lagg grimaced as the log hit Oliver. "Oliver, mate! You ok?" asked Lagg. He knew the squirrel probably wasn't, and he quickly assisted the squirrel up, wrapping the male squirrels arm around his shoulders. "We should get back to the abbey..! Maybe one of the nurses can help ya out..!"

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