Flora Shorewind

  • ((Ok, got the name with the help of Shadow Flame!))

    Name: Flora Shorewind

    Animal: River Otter

    Age: 19 in human years

    Sex: Female

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 130 lbs.

    Appearance: She wears a light pink and blueish dress, that comes just above her ankles. She has brown eyes, and is always having a soft smile. She wears a white slipper like shoes. Her fur is a lighter brown but not to light, and she also has a white underside. She is also seen wearing a necklace with a round stone with some designs carved into it that was given to her by her mother. Her mother called it a lucky charm.

    Personality: She loves to be outside in the fields when it's nice and warm. She always sees the beauty in her surroundings. She can be quiet mischievous though, and do things she isn't supposed to do. If she is ever in danger, she might get scared but she knows that there are those who would care about her and make sure she's safe.

    Strengths: Even though she is only a maiden she is very brave, and courageous. The only time she isn't shy or timid is if the dibbuns start acting up and she tells them in a sharp stern like voice to straighten up.

    Weaknesses: She can get a bit shy at some times, and she doesn't speak much to anyone, in a sense she's very timid. She doesn't usually get a say on things, but she knows that it's her fault for not speaking up.

    Background: The female otter has lived in Redwall all her life. Her mother and father made sure that she was always safe, and were somewhat over-protective of her.  She was often told to not go out of Redwall, but sometimes she would sneak out to the Mossflower woods to be alone or to look at the beauty. When she was inside the walls of Redwall, she would be seen outside the big tree, telling stories to the dibbuns. She is actually one of the only few people that the dibbuns respect. But as seasons passed she soon grew fond of one otter that was she would always catch herself staring at.

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  • Flora..Flora…

    Flora Shorewind...

    I like it! Thanks for the help Shadow!

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    Anytime, I'm always around for help!

  • My mom's English name's Flora…  8/

    Anyhow, she sounds lovely. Keep up the good work,Lagg!

  • Must be a coincidence?

    Well thanks and I'll try! ^^

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