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  • ((Hi, it's been a little while since I've rped, but I'm hoping I won't be rusty.  So anyways here's my character.))

    Nickname: Lagg

    Full Name: Laggerung Tilk

    Species: River Otter

    Sex: Male

    Description:  Lagg has blueish-gray eyes. His height is 5'9'', and his weight being 150 lbs. His age is 19 in human years. Lagg has a lean slender build. He wears a crimson tunic that goes just about the base of his rudder, so his tail has movement when swimming underwater.  He also has a black belt loosely around his waist that carries his dagger, whenever he has the weapon on him.

    Possessions: He carries only a dagger, sometimes a long sword, but underwater battles and closer quarter battles are for his dagger.

       He is a very good swimmer, and is great at close combat and underwater combat fighting.

       One of his weaknesses is that he can fall for beautiful otter lass that crosses his view, which he then gets sidetracked if he was doing something or talking to someone. He can't stand to eat seafood, even though he is an otter.

    Personality: He has a kind heart and he loves to play with the dibbuns at the abbey if there's nothing important going on there.

     Lagg used to live out in Mossflower Woods with mom and dad. He was only 5 when one day he was playing in the nearby riverbed that was close to his home. As he headed back home he  heard yelling and screaming coming from his house as he noticed the front door was broken. Soon after his mother came running out of Lagg's house, her clothes ripped a little, and blood in different places. The female otter quickly scooped up the young Lagg and desperately running to Redwall, where she collapsed in front of the gate, dead from so much blood loss. Lagg tried to wake his dead mother, by shaking her a little where a few abbey beasts came out of the front gates to Redwall and adopted the young otter, giving his mother a burial. Later in his life he soon noticed he started falling for one otter maiden that lived in Redwall for most of her life.

    ((Well, how is it?))

  • Very good so far! But you might want to read through it again and fix any errors you find, I think I saw some. Keep it up!

  • Ok, thanks! And I'll get to editing those errors.

  • Good! Have fun RPing!

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