Borrakus Bladeclaw

  • Nickname: Borr, Brave Borrakus the Steelclawed

    Full Name: Borrakus Bladeclaw

    Species: Mole

    Description: A heavily-built fighting mole. Like the rest of his kind, Borr's paws and claws are quite large and designed for digging, but unlike other moles, he has a toned and muscular figure from years of honing his combat skills. Though he still appears to be quite youthful, he's far enough along in his seasons for the spiked fur atop his head to show the beginning signs of graying. His eyes are a deep grey.

    As is typical with moles, Borr's outlook is simple, but highly logical. Oftentimes he will have something to say about any given situation that is short, to the point, and composed of irrefutable "mole logic."

    He is dressed in light leather gloves and boots, black trousers held up by a simple belt, and a leather vest over his bare chest, though in colder seasons he will be wearing a white tunic. Across his torso is two wide belts that make an X across his chest and back.

    Possessions: Borr's main weapon is rather unusual; a pair of steel claws that are worn over his digging claws. The outer edges are bladed and sharpened regularly, but the insides are scoop-like to help with the moving of dirt while tunneling. When not in use, the claws hang off either side of his belt. He also carries a small dagger, forged seasons back by the paws of a wolf called Brokenfang, though it is used mostly for utilitarian purposes.


    • Like all moles, he excels at digging, perhaps even moreso than his bretheren because of the assistance of his steel claws.
    • He is highly flexible and can squeeze his way into holes that seem smaller than he is.
    • He has the ability to feel another creature approach from the vibrations of their footsteps.
    • His bravery is unmatched, for a mole, at least.
    • He is very distrustful towards vermin. Having lived among some of the worst of the worst, it takes a long, long time for a vermin beast to earn his trust.


    • Though he wields his claws with deadly strength and accuracy, his large digging paws make him clumsy with most other weapons. It's best to keep bows and arrows especially away from him.
    • Though brave, Borr can be quite headstrong and stubborn. He will stick by his mole logic no matter what.
    • Like many other moles, he does not like to sail. When his feet are on anything but solid ground, he gets very, very uneasy.


    When Borrakus was very little, his family lived a harmonious life in Mossflower Woods. It would not last, however, and one day a marauding band of foxen thieves ravaged the countryside, and in the process slaying Borr's relatives. Their leader, in an act of mercy, took the young molebabe with him to a land far across the sea to be raised as a vermin warrior. Until his adulthood, Borr knew nothing of life besides fighting, stealing, and pillaging innocent beasts. He lived in misery, his goodbeast morals never justifying any actions the vermin band took.

    When he grew stronger, he made his escape. In the cover of night, he snuck away from the beasts that had raised him, and, despite the queasiness and anxiety that comes along with moles sailing, he managed to make his way back to Mossflower in a stolen vessel. He knew not what waited for him there, only that he could not stand the life of a hooligan any longer. Shortly after reaching the shore, he encountered something he had no memory of: peaceful, friendly creatures that eagerly welcomed him among them.

    Nowadays, Borr makes his living as a humble Abbeybeast of Redwall, but he is one of the first to offer his abilities when the abbey needs warriors to quest abroad.

  • Well done. This is very original.
        Just a thought, though; what if some of his weaknesses could tie back to his experiences with the vermin? Experiences like those would certainly have an effect on him.
        Otherwise, feel free to ignore me. Lol, I'd critique a character profile if Jacques himself had written it)

  • Actually, I won't ignore you at all. In fact, you just reminded me of a little tidbit of information I forgot to include when I wrote this. Let me just stick that in there real quick.

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