Relaxing in the grounds

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    Opened, this was open even though it said closed.. I'm only posting here to get me in the flow, until I find a thread that I want to join or something. 🙂

    "So many seasons have passed since I became a part of Redwall, three of my birthdays have gone. Being an adult squirrel is so much different then when I was a dibbun. So many more responsibilities.."

    He had a long thought to himself about life as he walked down the path of the grounds. The large squirrel, Oliver, had just came from the library, reading old archives and stories. It was a change of pace for him, taking a couple of weeks off from his rigorous training. He had to get back into it when the weather got a little warmer. Spring is so close, one of the best times of the year. Being twenty two years young was different. Oliver helped out a lot in the kitchen, seeing as he drank all the strawberry cordial he was allowed.

    The big squirrel looked up at the sun as it was slightly setting. What a wonderful afternoon. "Just wish I could see some new faces, I 'aven't had a new friend in a while." He kept moving onwards.

  • Laggerung Tilk was ran out of the side entrance of the main abbey building on all fours. He laughed as he looked behind him to see the dibbuns still chasing after him. "We're guna gets oo!" yelled the little tykes as they chased Lagg out into the field near where Oliver was. Lagg slowed his pace so the dibbuns could catch up to him.

    Lagg was always seen with the little ones most of the time unless there were important matters at hand. He felt as if the dibbuns were his long lost brothers and sisters or something of that nature. The male otter slowed enough down, acting as if he was too tired to run and collapsed to the ground. He saw Oliver and winked and then closed his eyes and acted like he unconcious.

    The little dibbuns finally caught up to Lagg, noticing he wasn't moving, and started poking him. "Misser Oterz! Wakie uppie! We gotz oo!" said a little badger that was getting close to Lagg's face. The male otter soon opened his eyes, and grabbed the badger quickly and started tickling him. "HEE Ha ha ha! Oo! St-hahahap!" laughed the little badger, as the other dibbuns squealed in giggles. Soon though the other rascals hatched an idea and they all started to tackle and tickle Lagg. "Nowz we gots oo! Misser Oterz!" chimed in the others tykes.

    Lagg couldn't help but laugh at how smart the dibbuns were at thinking that and he looked over at Oliver. "Some help please! Help to get these monsters off me!" asked Lagg, as  the children started to make monster growls and noises.

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    Oliver heard loud giggles and laughs. "Oh the dibbuns are at it again, I was in the position of being attacked by little ones not too long ago." He turned around and ran back, yelling playfully. "Hey you little monsters! Leave that poor otter alone!" He laughed as he ran over to help poor Lagg out.

    "I'm the big bad squirrel, I'm gon' eat you!" Exclaimed Oliver happily.

  • The dibbuns looked up at the big squirrel. The started to shriek, giggle, and squeal as they ran from Oliver. "Thanks mate! Gotta love them!" said Lagg as he stood up, brushing off his tunic. "Although guess it was my fault for playing with them." chuckled the male otter to himself. He then looked up at Oliver. "Name's Laggerung Tilk, um, Lagg for short, you?" asked Lagg, sticking out his paw for a shake.

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    "Hahah you little monsters, pick on someone yer own size!" Oliver laughed then used a strong paw to shake Lagg's paw. "Lagg eh? Please t' meet cha, names Oliver, Oliver Swiftstream." Oliver smiled happily as he shook paws.

    "Those little ones are a handful, I've been getting attacked by them since I moved here many seasons ago." He laughed. "Its a nice change to see another creature take the tickle attack."

  • Lagg nodded, and watched as the tykes ran into the abbey. "Ya, but it's ok though!" chuckled the otter. "So, what are you doing out here today? Just relaxing?" Lagg didn't want to be a bother to the squirrel.

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    "Oh, I just came out 'ere to do a little walking. I was crammed in the library all day, reading old archives of course." He looked at the Otter and patted him on the shoulder. "It always does a bit of good for a beast to come out and relax!"

    "So, how long 'ave you been living 'ere in Redwall?" He asked kindly, ending with a smile.

  • Lagg listened intently, quite curious as to what Oliver was looking for in the archives, probably just to read up on history, but when it got to when he came here, his smile faded. "…well..I don't usually talk about it, but..." Lagg paused for a second, trying to not stir up tears. "I came around here when I was just a dibbun, I was able to understand what was mostly going on, but not enough to understand what happened." said Lagg, a tear rolling down his face. The male otter quickly wiped his tear and smiled, but enough about the past, lets say we find a nice spot and think about the present, eh?"

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    Oliver patted his shoulder again and smiles "Aye, I see." He smiled and had a feeling of understanding his pain, he helped change the subject. "Yeah, I say we think about ways to relax 'round 'ere. Not much excitement today." He looked over at some trees.

    "There's a spot where I always used to relax, usually after training. I say we sit there and think of whats in store for us today." Oliver cheerfully replied to Lagg.

  • Lagg followed the Squirrel to the mentioned spot and sat down. "This feels nice..!" said the male otter, as a breeze flowed through the air softly. He watched as the others were either playing around in the yard, or scurrying off somewhere as to where they were supposed to be. "You know what would make this perfect, Oliver? Some delicious food!" He then noticed a small dibbun Hedgehog come scurrying by. "Oi! Hold up little rascal! Come here for a second!" called Lagg to the dibbun. The small hedgehog came over, quiet puzzled at first, wondering if she was going to be in trouble. "Yes?" asked the hedgehog.

    Lagg noticed she was scared at first, and the male otter looked over at Oliver, winking like before. He then looked back at the hedgehog. "So! What did you do?" asked Lagg in stern voice.  The young hedgehog twitched a bit at being scolded. "Nu-Nuffin' sirz…!" said the little one softly, while Lagg tried to hold back a chuckle.

    "Nuffin'? Well it's gonna be somefin' iffin' you don't bring us something to snack on from one of the cooks! And especially will be somethin' if you don't join us in eaten those snacks!" said the otter. The young dibbun eyes and ears perked up as she smiled and quickly ran off to the kitchen. "Easiest way to get free food, right Oliver?" asked Lagg.

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    "Yeah, what did I tell ya? Best spot to relax!" said Oliver, feeling that soft breeze. "Hmm?" He wondered what Lagg was up to, and then realized as soon as he called over the little one. As soon as Lagg winked, Oliver smiled holding his laugh in as the creature explained herself.

    Oliver snickered to himself as Lagg was talking to the dibbun. He took out a corked sack filled with water and drank it while the little Hedgehog scurried off. The big squirrel swallowed and looked back at Lagg. "Yeah, that was pretty clever.. if I do say so myself!" He chuckled and offered Lagg some water. "Want some?"

  • "Sure..!" said Lagg, as he waterfalled the some of the water into his mouth, he gave it back. "That's some good water you got there, is it from the pond?" asked Lagg.

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    "Haha, its from a nice little spring where I relax sometimes, its a 'idden secret!" he winked and made a "Shh~" sound. "Has some of the best swimming an' drinking water around." He exclaimed happily. "I stumbled upon it, probably 3 seasons ago. Only creatures I saw there were some birds."

  • "You'll have to show it to me sometime! I promise I won't tell anyone!" said Lagg. He wondered where the pond was and what it looked like. If it was the best pond for swimming and drinking water from, then it must be beautiful!

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    "Haha! Don't worry matey! I'll show you it anytime you want to see it! Just let me know." Oliver laughed heartily and drank some more water before putting it away. He looked over and sniffed the air. "Oh, I'm smellin' some goodies! Look, its the little one you sent off." He said, pointing in the direction of the abbey.

  • The little hedgehog was coming back with a big tray in her paws and piles of snacks on the tray. She looked like she was having trouble keeping the tray steady though. When the dibbun finally got to where the squirrel and otter were, she set it down and handed them each a plate. "Thanks kind lady!" said Lagg, noticing that the hedgehog grew red in her face. "It's no probwum!" said the hedgehog. She then started passing out the snacks. "wun f'r you! Wun f'r you! W'n f'r me!" said the little hedgehog, setting one scone on each plate, and when she got passing out two, she gave Oliver and Lagg one scone but gave herself two. The male otter watched as she got to the last few, he noticed she had about fifteen scones and they only five. "I think we got outsmarted mate." said Lagg, staring at the plates dumbfounded for a moment.

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    Oliver watched the hedgehog pass out the scones and watched her put them on the plates. "One… two.. three.. wait." He watched as she smiled. "Yeah she out smarted us alright." He scratched his head with a puzzled look. "Ah, oh well~" With a quick reply he started happily munching on the scones. "Mm, my compliments to the hardworking cooks."

  • The hedgehog giggled and started eating her scones. Lagg chuckled and shook his head slightly. He picked up the jelly jar that was also on the tray and put it on his scones. "Nothing better than Jelly Scones!" said the male otter as started eating his scones. "So what was with that guilty look earlier?" asked the otter to the dibbun. "Huh? Oh…um..I don't know.." said the young one, almost as if she was hiding something.

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    Oliver swallowed the scones in his mouth and added his own input. "Yeaah? What 'appened young one? We promise not to tell." Oliver calmly talked to her to keep her from being frightened. "Is it really bad?" He asked.

  • "P'omise?" asked the hedgehog. Lagg nodded, as he waited for the dibbuns reply. "..well..I sorta…pushed one of the boys..hard.." said the girl. Lagg listened and sighed heavily. "It's great that you stuck up for yourself but you shouldn't have done that, he have picked on you or did what ever he did to make you mad becuase he likes ya. Did you think about that?"

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