Serroth Melefortis

  • Nickname: Serroth the Darkwalker

    Full Name: Serroth Melefortis

    Species: Badger

    Description: A tall, sturdily-built badger warrior, fully adorned in chainmail, the most distinct piece being his hauberk. It is primarily a shirt of black chainmail, over which is a cloth surcoat, also black. Stitched to the front is the stylized image of a red tree, representing Serroth's birthplace, Brockhall. Pauldrons protect his shoulders, forged of a dark-colored steel and made to look sharp and intimidating. His legs are protected by cuisses of leather and mail, his hands and feet by plated boots and gauntlets. Serroth has spent seasons conditioning himself to be able to bear the weight of his armaments.

    Though he is a friendly beast, he carries himself with a solemn air and is usually wearing a scowling expression. Most of the time he roams alone, seemingly because of his intimidating appearance creating the impression that he is not approachable, which is quite untrue. He prefers to do his traveling under the cover of night, hence his title "the Darkwalker." The time from sunset to sunrise is simply easier on his eyes, and his vision does not do well in bright sunlight.

    Possessions: He carries with him at all times a simple warrior's sword, with a black leather handle and a ruby pommel stone. Along with it is a badger-sized kite shield that bears the design of a winged serpent.


    • High physical capability.
    • A strong belief in typical badger values, such as persistence and honesty.
    • He does not judge by species alone when meeting new creatures.


    • Quite stubborn.
    • He can only work well with basic blades, and is actually quite bad with a sling.
    • He's not the best at dealing with dibbuns or playful, enthusiastic creatures.


    Serroth led the typical life of a male badger; Brockhall-raised and taught the values of honesty and integrity. Like all grown males, there came the day for him to depart, but instead of heading for Salamandastron as was the way of the noble Badger Lord lines, he chose to be a vigilante of Mossflower, using his size, strength, and sword proficiency to drive away evildoers on behalf of the goodbeasts with no means to defend themselves.

  • Eh, I like it.  😄

    Welcome, Serroth Melefortis, from a fellow badger.

  • courteous bow Thank you, much appreciated. I was a little apprehensive with this bio as it's the first time I've collected all these ideas in one place, but I can rest easy now knowing somebody with badger experience likes it.

  • Yus!

    I am new to (online) roleplaying personally, but have been doing word of mouth roleplaying for years…  I actually used the same badger for these boards as I do for my word of mouth RPs, and yours looked good to me, so, YEAH.


  • Nice job Serroth!

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