Decca Zeroso

  • Nicknames:Ten,Ghost of Juska.

    Name:Decca Zeroso

    Species:Gray fox


    Description:He is the shaman between three diffrent small Juska tribes.The reason being this is because an attempt of a alliance to over through the largest of the clans.He is usually shifty and doesn't like to stay in one spot for long.

    Appearance:He is pure white and his right eye is powder blue,but his left is completely clouded over due to sword injury he got from the biggest Juska clan leader.He calls it his future eye.He has no tattoos despite being a Juska shaman,mainly because he threatens to curse the whole Juska with a hundred years of famine.

    Posseions:He has a staff with a bird skull,a saber in a highly decorated hilt.The saber it self is made from a very strong metal with dyes in it that give it a crimson red color.He has a cloak that's crimson red on top and saphire blue bottom.He keeps various powders,shells,bones,feathers,and other items he uses for fortune telling.

    Strengths:He can usually talk him self out of any fight but can use both his staff and saber with deadly results.

    Weaknesses:His appearance gives the perception that he is very frail and old making him a likely creature to become a victim of robbery.He frightens little ones easily but can make them laugh with his many silly rhymes.He doesn't like thunder storms at all.

    Backstory:He was born in a long line of gypsies and shamans but he was a special fox.Being pure white he was consider to be able to predict any outcome of any battle and see any body's fortune.He got his future eye from telling the leader of his old clan that he would die in two days.He was right.He has left the trio of clans when the leaders started to fight amongst themselves.He is currently wandering through mossflower looking for a permanent home.

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