Sebastian Nolan Dayfly

  • Name: Sebastian Nolan Dayfly

    Nickname: Search N. Destroy

    Species: Bat

    Description: Sebastian is about six [animal] feet tall and 100 [animal] pounds. He has short black fur, no tail, leathery wings, small brown eyes, and huge ears.
    -He wears a concealing black trench coat, a brown wide brimmed hat, and a thin belt. He rarely shows any expression or emotion.
    -He is impossible to read. Any thoughts he has, he keeps to himself until the opportune moment.

    Possessions: A small, home made crossbow, an onyx necklace, and a shortsword.

    -Excellent tracker.
    -He's a bat, so flying is a given.
    -Sonar hearing.

    -Short sighted.
    -Considered a freak by other bats.
    -Slow on land.

    Background: Sebastian was born like any other bat, but by his fourth birthday, the other bats began to notice that he woke up later and came back later than everyone else, and the sunlight didn't bother him. By the time he was an adult, he had completely reversed his internal clock, staying out all day and sleeping at night! He left Batmountpit of his own accord, realizing he had no life to be lived there.
    He left and traveled southwest for a while. He eventually reached castle Floret to find the area in an uproar. The bell made by Joseph had been stolen! With his terrific tracking skills he hunted down the vermin and returned the bell. The king honored him and gave him an official spot at Floret as a ranger, but Sebastian prefers the term "bounty hunter" since he'll help anybeast with a problem and the means to pay him.

  • A bat; that's new. He sounds like a great character, Pen.

  • One question, how does he use the sword and things with wings?

  • Well, bats still have thumbs, don't they? Maybe he has flexible arms. 🙂

  • I believe they have little hands on the ends of their wings.

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