Mr. Naio

  • Nicknames: Creeps (Negative), Witch Doctor (Negative), Mr. Nobeast, Mr. Naio

    Full Name: Unknown apart from a letter saying his last name, Naio.

    Species: Stoat

    Side (as in good or evil): Unknown

    Age: Unknown (looks to be in his early 30's.)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Wears a white mask over left side of his face, with the mask featuring a friendly smile. Reason is unknown. Has dark gray fur with a white stripe on the bridge of his nose. Wears shiny, black, bandage-like clothes, tied with a ribbon at the waist. Looks really creepy. Sky Blue eyes. Whites of his eyes look so bright that they almost seem to glow. Wears a black head cloth that covers all but his face, held together by a blue band. Often seen with a creepy grin on his face. Looks as if he has risen from the dead.

    Possessions: A small, rectangular stick with a skull on the end of it. Skull has black vine patterns on the outside. Redwallers assume that it's used for malevolent purposes, although they have yet to see him use it, other than when he was surrounded by bandits. Has a journal which only one Redwaller has managed to take a look at. The Redwaller was frightened by its contents (nothing to do with Redwall or anyone inside). Has a curved, serrated sword, made from a strange metal, dyed with green to give the impression that it's poisoned.

    Strengths: Intelligent, very fast reflexes, very good at intimidation.

    Weaknesses: Redwallers do not trust him at all, although he's been helpful to them. Has a rather disturbing past. Was once an asylum patient. Hardly ever talks at all.

    Background: No one knows about his past, although the Redwaller that read his diary began gossip about Mr. Naio being an asylum patient. This was soon stopped by a seemingly polite written complaint from Mr. Naio.

    Quote: Has none.

    I am terrified. TERRIFIED!!!

  • He seems pretty neat.All he needs is a friend!

  • Nice character Avelrak

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