First time In Redwall.

  • Oliver walked over to some trees and sat down, resting from his battle. He had a cup full of water. Drinking it graciously.

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  • Whack!
    A huge strawberry smacked him dead center in the middle of his nose. Sheitter Laughed hystericaly at the sight and went to go torture some other beast for a while…well... maybe.

  • Oliver wiped the juices off of his face and growled slightly. "Thats not very nice!!" He watched the dibbun run off.
    He just shrugged it off and chuckled.

  • When YAS (Yet Another Strawberry) hit him. This time in his stomach.
    "Getta da vermin!" yelled a small dibbun's voice.

  • He looked over at the dibbun. "Hey! Stop throwin' good food at me! Dang little ones.." He didn't get a chance to relax at all in the nice shade on the soft grass. He sat there, pulled out some water and poured himself another cup, drinking it.

  • Suddenly Ash the robin landed beside Oliver and started to twitter away. "Hello, hello misty squirrel, don'test let them dibbunies bothers you sir. No don't let it. I have some news for ee sir! Them ratty beasts have lefted the areas, yesses they did."

  • "Good, I'm glad they left the Redwall area. I wouldn't want any of the good beasts get hurt." He stood up and stretched. "Where do we get food? I'm unfamiliar with this place. I'm very hungry." His stomach growled loudly, he blushed slightly.

  • "Letis us goes gets the friar then!" the robin started to hop away toward the kitchens. Ash looked back to make sure that Oliver was following.

  • Oliver followed Ash to the kitchens. He was excited to eat a nice hearty meal. Something he hasn't enjoyed in a long time.

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  • He shook the thought from his head and started to lay down at the spot he was at before. Looking up at the clouds. "What is this creature that lurks about the path?.." He let out a big sigh. He saw no beast around, it was too quiet. Oliver didn't want to make much of it though.

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  • Oliver got up and started to walk around, thinking. He had an idea and ran to the kitchens. His hunger came back, it was almost equivalent to a hares. "Time for some good eatins!" He had a devious little smile.

  • Vardon had the same thing in mind. He raced through the great hall. A mole coming out of the kitchen stopped him. "Youms zat Beasters zat sarted thems creater jumping out winzdow?" Vardon nodded upset. He know what was coming. He then tread towards the sink in the south end of the kitchen.

  • Oliver walked back to his spot, took off his shirt to bathe in the sun and looked up at the beautiful blue sky. "Man I wish I had someone to talk to. This place is quiet when everyone is not around." He watched birds go north, bickering about something; he just chuckled. He put his paws behind his head to rest on.

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