Battle between silfur and dusk.

  • Dusk had never met Silfur befor but by just looking at him sitting in the middle of St. Ninians he could tell that here was an evil beast. He knew he would have to beat him to make this place his. He slowly crept up on Silfur with a sword he had found and poisoned and prepeard to strike.

  • Silfur heard a slight swish behind him. He clicked the button next to his cane's head and the knife blade silently flicked out. His own beasts feared him too much to disobey his order for solitude, so this must be a trespasser.
      He waited for the swish to get close enough, then leapt up from the dusty pew, twisted around, and sent his assailant's blade spinning through space, "Ah yes, I've heard of you," He adopted a dueling stance, "The freak, as you are so called by the masses."

  • Dusk laughd"Freak yourself. I,ve never heard of a woodlander who kills other woodlanders." Dusk quickly ran up a beam next to the pues and ran along the conecters and lept down, landed skillfully, and grapped his sword from the floor.

  • "Well well, look who thinks he's a squirrel," Silfur remarked as he backed into the aisle between the two rows of pews, never turning away from the black mouse, "Don't stand around all day, have another go."

  • Dusk moved in quick and fast and stricked at Silfurs right side but lept up above silfur at the last second and struck at Silfurs head.

  • Silfur ducked reflexively and his top-hat was chopped in half. He swept the remaining hat half off his head and looked through it at Dusk, "Why you disrespectfull young rip! How dare you?! I had to slay five weasels to get that hat," He threw the useless hat base away, "I'm going to nail you to the wall for that!"

  • Dusk groand"That was supposed to take your head off. All well." Dusk ran along the pews plucking nails as he did. At the last Pew he lept up and grapped a beam and pulled himself up on it. He took out a small flask and opend it up."Try walking on this." Dusk said as he pouerd the poison on the nails and threw them all over the floor.

  • Silfur looked around, then smirked, "I don't have to," He raised his cane and shoved on the pews Dusk had plucked the nails from. They teetered and collapsed, causing a domino effect. Soon there was a fairly flat plain of nonpoisonous floor, which Silfur swaggered onto, "I hope that wasn't your only beaker of poison," He rubbed his chin, "On second thought, yes I do."

  • Dusk smiled "actully, it wasnt." Dusk lept down and struck at Silfurs cane paw."lets see if we cant cripple you."

  • Silfur placed his free paw behind his back and slipped his cane paw down so Dusk's sword stuck in the wood. With a twist, Silfur disarmed Dusk yet again. He tossed the sword to the other end of the square of collapsed pews, "I didn't quite catch your reasoning. Why are you trying to kill me?"

  • "Because I want to make this place my home and I have to get rid of you to make it so. That and i,ve heard that you are extremly evil too." Dusk came up quickly and struck out with his paw so his palm hit silfur in the chest forcefuly. He jumped back several pews and perched on one of the broken pews.

  • Silfur staggered back and nearly stepped on a nail covered in a green slime, "Extremely evil eh? What about you? You expect me to believe you use those poisons for self defense?"

  • "That and to kill my enemies. Did i mention that i wear spicked gloves and that was the hand that i poisoned the nails in?"

  • Silfur looked down at his chest, where three small tears had appeared in his shirt. He slowly looked up as his face started to pale, "crap," then he fell back onto the nail covered floor.

  • Dusk looked down at the limp form of Silfur then looked at the building around him."Well time to make this place more homey. Better start by getting rid of this corpse." dusk went to the task of cleaning up his new home.

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