Dusk: description updated

  • Name: Dusk

    Gender: male

    Age: 32 seasons

    Species: mouse

    Alignment: neutral O.K.

    Physical Appearance: Dusk is primarily a dark grey color, his eyes are a light blue, his paw pads are light pink, and his tail is black. He wears a dark green tunic, with a dark brown belt wrapped round his waist and supporting his pants, which are made of a coarse material and of a similar color to his tunic. Over his tunic he wears a thick, brown traveling cloak, worn from seasons of use. His paws are covered in black soot, hiding the pink coloration. He is surprisingly muscular, thanks to many seasons of hard work, and his paws are rough and calloused. He is about five foot five, and has a fairly long tail, almost as long as he is tall. His fur is thick and provides a fair amount of warmth.

    Possessions: He carries several daggers of different kinds with him, his favorite being a Tanto, made with an intricate bamboo sheath and handle, the blade having several characters he can't decipher. He keeps the tanto in excellent repair, sharpening it, cleaning it, and always keeping it close. His other daggers range in quality, although never dropping into total disrepair, but not reaching the same level of care that he shows his Tanto. These daggers he keeps blackened with soot and exposed in his belt, having no actual sheath for them. He also carries a fair amount of supplies in a travel pack with him, the pack containing many things one might find useful when having to survive off the land with no permanent lodging. He also carries a set of stone chisels, a pickaxe, a pair of hand hammers, one circular and the other square, and a sledge hammer.

    Personality: Dusk does not like other beasts very much, and will avoid talking to others when he can. He is fairly resentful to popular beasts, despite his own anti-social ways. He is polite and curt, refusing to participate in small talk with others when he can. Normally, when feeling very anti-social, he will avoid other beasts all together.

    Strengths: He is very good at sneaking and remaining unnoticed. He is also very good with masonry, stone shaping, and quarrying. He is capable at foraging, cooking, and basically surviving on his own off the land.

    Weaknesses: He is not very good at one on one combat, despite being fairly strong. He is not very good at endearing others towards himself. He is awful at using a bow, or even a regular sword.

    Back story: coming eventually.

    Relationships: His mother and father are dead (Of old age), his elder brother, younger brother and sister, his elder brother?s wife, and two nephews.

  • Nice Welcome to RL Dusk

  • WOW! Nice job! Thats great! Welcome to RL and I hope you have a nice time. If you have any questions I'll be glad to help you! Now you should join a story with him.

  • Very good! Now have fun RPing!

  • Just one note: don't create a new thread for every little update.  Just edit your first post with the new/altered information.

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