Dusk and his beginings

  • Dusk sat on the road side that ran to redwall. he had his back on a stump and chewed on a dandilion thoughtfuliy. "So this is Mossflower?" he said to himself."The only thing that impresses me so far is the total lack of contact with other beings." Dusk was a completly black mouse. he used his color as camoflage in dark places. Dusk had been born in the northlands in a small mouse village. his famliy had been killed by famine after a bad winter and he had left with the last of the food. He was already in his late twenties when he left and was a good assassin. he always had a hidden blade with him. he had a vast knowledge of plants and knew many cures and poisons. his blade was always coverd in a deadly poison that killed quickly and quietly. He had reached mossflower about a week ago and had spent most of his time looking for a sutible place to live. The sun was almost completly down when he got up. "Well time to keep moving." He quietly shot off into the woods, not even leaveing a trail. He was just another shadow in a dark forest.

  • Swifteye watched the black mouse. The gray ferret was following the black mouse, hoping to take him to his master as a slave that way he could get a reward. All of the sudden the mouse dissapeared behind the trees. "RRR I'll just follow this path and I"ll probly catch up teh him sonner of later."

  • Prattel was just meandering through mossflower playing a wordless tune he had made up on his accordion."Oh what 'eautiful day tis this day!I 'under if I'll bump into 'ny body ta day?I 'ish I 'ould,I'm 'eadfuly lonle-'RASSHOPPA AHHH!"Prattel ran off and into the path of Dusk.

  • Dusk saw a beast in front of him. He Quickly Jumped back and pulled out a poisend dagger. "Who are you?!" He said pointing the dagger at him.

    The words rang in Greg's ears that sprang his curiosity. Following the scream, he ended up finding a mysterious black mouse with a dagger pointed at a light brown stoat.

  • Unsure of what to do, Gregory hid behind a bush and decided to flip a pebble. Smooth side for approach, slanted side for stay hidden. Throwing the pebble into the air he waited patiently for it to fall to the ground.
    Smooth side.
    Getting up from his hidding spot, Gregory approached the armed black mouse and stoat.
    "Hello good woodland beasts, but may I ask why you are pointing this awfully sharp dagger at this stoat?" Gregory asked the mysterious black mouse.

  • Dusk flipped out another dagger and pointed it at Gregory. "While in the north I learned not to trust any one till I found out their intentions."

  • "While in the north I learned not to trust any one till I found out their intentions."

    Gregory stood at a disadvantage. Gregory put his paws up and jumped back. "Now now, no need to point daggers at creatures sir. That's not good manners," he said slightly sweating . "Why don't you go ahead and put both daggers down and we can talk about your insecurity problems over a nice lunch by a stream, eh?"

  • " I'll accept the lunch but i'm going to keep the daggers out, got it?" Dusk said lowering the daggers slightly.

  • Pat threw his hands hands up away from Dusk."Eeesh!Little hasty on your judging eh?I'm Prattel Hafter good sir."Throwing his accent away."I'm a part time actor,hence the loss of accent."He looked at Greg."Thanks pal.Saved me heh heh!"

  • "Thanks pal.Saved me heh heh!"

    "Don't mention it." he smiled back at Prattel. "So, to a stream gentlebeasts!"  he announced marching off the path and towards the woods.

  • Dusk begain to follow Greg in the direction he was heading still holding his daggers at the ready.

  • Plopping down on the bank of the flowing stream. Gregory took out his haversack and scrummaged: 3/4 of a deeper n' ever pie, a few oat farls, 3 scones, 1/6 of an apple turnover, and half a flagon of october ale.
    "Sorry mates, this is all the food I got left, but at least it's food!" he said as he started to cut the pie with his dirk.

  • Pat just had a scone and a little creek water."Even with little you share.Nice fellow you are.I'll just have a little,so you two can have more."He said.Once Prattel noticed Dusk still has his daggers out,he became annoyed,rather than alarmed."Put those things away!No one gonna hurt you,so stop acting like your crazy!"

  • Dusk looked at his daggers then slipped them back into his sleeves."Sorry. Where I came from vermin were every where and you couldnt trust your own shadow. By the way where did you get all that food?" Dusk said pointing at the food stuff that had been set out.

  • "A few days ago, I helped a family of  hedgehogs that were being harassed by two rats. I did what I had to do and they provided me with food and shelter for a day and reprovisioned my pack before I had to set off again."
    He handed Prattel and Dusk a slice of pie.

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