Maira Yeunallo

  • Nicknames: None

    Full Name: Maira Yeunallo

    Species: Otter

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Wears a uniquely designed purple robe with a pinkish silk ribbon tied around her waist. Wears a necklace made of pearls. Slightly shorter than the average otter. Brown eyes. Looks innocent and naive.

    Description: Sometimes has mood swings. Shows signs of depression. Sometimes cheerful, but the gloomy side of her personality can ruin the rest of her day. Traumatized by her parents' murders. Wants to tell everyone in Redwall her past, but fears that doing so will cause her to have suicidal thoughts. Redwallers are aware of her mental illness.

    Possessions: Two-handed mace, but she doesn't want to use it because of her past and her fear of suicidal thoughts. Framed picture of her family, which she holds in her arms sometimes. Various art supplies to indirectly convey her depressing message to the Redwallers.

    Strengths: Intelligent. Quick-minded. Talented artist. Has endured a lot of emotional pain. Has an older sister to look up to for help.

    Weaknesses: Almost crippled by her emotions. Refuses to socialize with most Redwallers. Has had suicidal thoughts. Tears up whenever someone mentions her parents. Tormented by her dreams.

    Background: Her family lived in a relatively peaceful village, north of Redwall Abbey. Her family had a very close bond to one another. One night, someone sneaked into Maira's home and murdered her parents with a knife. The reason her parents were murdered remains unclear as of now, but it is causing Maira a lot of anguish. Her sister's name is Calisto. Calisto is serious most of the time, but she shares the same suffering as Maira, but she copes with it better.

    Quote: "You go and enjoy yourself at this great feast. I'll stay in my room for the rest of the day. Just leave me to my misery."

  • Sounds like a sad kid! But nice job. 😛

  • Nice i like it

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