Irene Adlam

  • Nickname: Reeny (prefers to be called Irene, but doesn't mind "Reeny")

    Full Name: Irene Adlam

    Species: squirrel

    Description: brown coat with white belly, ears are extremely tufted, dark eyes, considered pretty but not unnaturally so, thin, late twenties to early thirties (in squirrel years, of course), of average height

    Possessions: carries a very small, sharp knife that she hides. She often wears dresses that are suited for whatever environment she's currently living in. Her favorite color to wear is burgundy. And, when the situation calls for it, she'll wear a hat with flowers on it and gloves (formal).

       The ability of deception in that she seems extremely feminine and helpless, yet she is incredibly intelligent. She knows how to use her feminine charm to get what she wants. She is observant and sees things most don't just because she pays attention. She has a lovely singing voice.

       She is certainly not physically strong. She is not skilled in combat with anything but her small knife, as almost every other weapon is too heavy for her. She also tends to forget to use her brain when her heart comes into play, which doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's over the top.

       Irene was born overseas. Her father, Ludwig, was a squirrel tribe leader, and her mother, Lola, was a dancer and actress. Irene followed a career as a singer (trained by her mother), performing everywhere possible. She retired as a young adult and moved to Mossflower (a friend recommended the peaceful woods to her). She lives in Mossflower alone (but not as a loner), hoping maybe one day that she'll meet the squirrel of her dreams. When she's feeling lonely, she goes to visit other residents of Mossflower

  • Very nice character you got there Mechy, but do you think you could do a little more on her? For instance, how old is she, what does she wear, does she have any family…? You get the idea?

  • Is that better?

  • Good job! Umm what exactly do you mean "in squirrel years"? If it is a system of measure for time how old is she in human years?

  • I believe she means that if this character were human, she would be about 25.

  • nice i like it welcome to RL  i'm Mouse

  • Yes, that's exactly what I meant. Since Redwall is measured in seasons, I don't know how many years the average animal lives.

  • Great charie! Welcome to RL I'm Rorgus!

  • Cool my guy 's only 17 :P.

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