• OOC:Open to all vermin.

    BIC: Silfur stepped into the lantern light and smoke of the Mercenary's Den, a fairly famous hub for all the, he sniffed haughtily, filth of Mossflower. He adjusted his suit front and cuffs, then stepped further inside, allowing a small group of three foxes to enter behind him.
    The den was filled with scores of vermin, smoking, drinking, chatting, singing, snoring, and generally making noise and stink. One of the Den's patrons, a large weasel with brown fur and no shirt on, turned toward Silfur and grinned. He turned back to the others at his table, "It's almost too easy," He whispered, then he shoved himself up from the table and waltzed up to Silfur.
    Silfur smiled amiably at the weasel, who was nearly twice his height, "Hello chap," He said in a leisurly voice, looking the weasel up and down, "What's your name?"
    The weasel grinned, revealing yellow teeth, missing teeth, and foul breath, "Broooooooooock," He breathed, exhaling a blast of poisonous air into Silfur's face. Silfur scrunched up his nose and waved away the cloud of gas as several patrons laughed. The foxes behind Silfur laughed as well, but rather at what fate they knew was about to befall the weasel.
    "Well, Brock," Silfur said, coughing slightly, "Might I trouble you for some information?"
    Brock chuckled, "How much you willing to pay?"
    Silfur grinned, "As payment, I was thinking… I let you live."
    Brock roared with mirth, "Ha-ha-ha!!! You've got to be kidding me! Now, if you don't want to do this civilized like," Brock scratched his tail and belched, "I s'pose I'll have to take my claim off your corpse."
    The weasel made to rush Silfur, but the dormouse whipped his cane up and pulled it to a stop, just resting beneath the weasel's chin, never moving his paws from their position at his waist, so the cane was held at an angle.
    "Tut tut now mister Brock. If you don't agree to my terms just say so. Now, do you agree to the terms?"
    Brock was somewhat confused, "Uhh... no?"
    Silfur continued to grin, "Very well," He clicked the button on his cane's head twice in quick succession.
    The weasel stiffened and froze for a moment, then he slowly toppled backward and landed with a crash on his back.
    A crowd formed around the fallen weasel and all the patrons in the Den stared at the blood oozing from the thin knife wound in his throat.
    All noise ceased and all activity stopped. Everyone slowly turned their eyes on the deceptively small and well mannered mouse, who had returned to his earlier stance; paws together, back straight, and deadly cane held in front.
    "Now then," an involuntary flinch went through the crowd, "Whomever can tell me something useful about Redwall Abbey, I will make you the same offer our dear departed Brock..." He prodded a limp footpaw of the body, " ignorantly declined," He grinned at the crowd, "Well? Who's first?"

  • Dester flicked his tail around as he answered Silfur's question."I have the info you want so badly.But if you try that same stunt on me,"He drew his cleaver and threw it at Brock's left paw."I'll add you to my collection."The searat picked up the paw,shook some blood out of it and placed it in his inner coat pocket.He picked his cleaver and put it in its holster in his coat.

  • Silfur watched with one eyebrow raised as Dester severed Brock's paw. He slowly smiled a small smile, then looked at Dester, "Alright, I suppose you will do.

    Have you ever snuck into a building before?

    Ever robbed someplace?

    Ever been any good at disguises?

    What is it you know about Redwall that could help us sneak in?"

  • "Yes,no,no,no."He said in an almost sing song voice."I've snuck into many a building to strangle my foes.I never had any use to posses ones items,but body parts on the other paw hehe."He sleeked around the group eyeing each beast."As for disguises I have no need for them.I'm more silent than death and dark as night.They'll never notice a thing.Now where to sneak in at redwall is a challenge.Just send me to the walls and I'll grantee you a pickable lock,loose stone,unguarded post,I'll find the weakest link on the wall.But…...your going bring your army when I search.Not going to be by myself you know."He started out the door."Best hurry now."Dropping his voice to where he could only here it."I'm gonna kill any stragglers."

  • Silfur smiled as Dester walked toward the door, "I'm afraid… oh wait, no I'm not. I'm perfectly comfortable telling you that would kind of defeat the purpose of sneaking in. Now, If you can get the east wallgate open, I can get in. As a dormouse, I'll blend right in. Then, if you will be so kind, which you will, you will cause a diversion with my army. Remember, MY army. I don't want any reports that you tried to incite a rebellion or anything. Deal?" He stuck out a deceptively friendly paw.

  • Dester smiled at the mouse."Deal,but in the future it  would be wise not to let me grab any part of you.Some times…...I can't control my self hehehe."He grabbed hard on Silfur's paw causing it to pop three times and let go."If you will,lets go to YOUR army savvy?"He looked at one his fox body guards."I like your eyes."

  • The group of vermin (Plus Silfur) made their way from the Den to the densest part of Mossflower in twenty miles. There, they found an army of vermin about two hundred strong living in tents and small huts. Three weasels in green uniforms stood at attention and saluted smartly as Silfur approached with Dester, "Alright now you three, this is Dester. I'm not going to be here for a few weeks, so you'll be taking orders from him. If anyone disobeys, They will be killed. If he tries to incite a rebellion of any kind, kill him. Any questions?"
      The three weasels stayed silent. Asking Silfur a question was like volunteering for the frontlines.
      "Good. Now then, monsieur rat, this way, if you please," Silfur started into the forest, toward Redwall.

  • Dester had a  crazed smile on his face,not a scheming smile.Just a happy smile."Hehehe,I have my own little army."He handed Brock's old hand to a ferret."Here hold this."He walked with Silfur down the path."If I may ask,what do you have against Redwall?Many of the rulers I've met tried to do to prove there power.Oh but lack-a-day how they horribly failed.Oh but you,you seem to have a grudge.Do tell me,I won't speak a word to any one else."

  • Silfur looked sidelong at Dester. He considered the rat for a moment then spoke, "Alright. I suppose I should be trusting you. Well, I'll start with your second point. I don't have a grudge against Redwall," He snarled and gripped his cane in an iron hold, "My beef is with all of Mossflower," He composed himself again, "When I was a tiny vole living with my parents, our home was ransacked by vermin. I hid in the reeds while they made sport of my parents. It was almost three hours before they actually killed my parents; the entire time I was waiting for somebeast to come help, but no one came. It was then that I began to despise vermin, so I found someone to teach me how to use this," He tossed his cane in the air and caught it, "When I became as good as I could, I started taking vermin as slaves, using them in any way I saw fit, and at that stage, making them fall at their own swords, seemed fit. After a few years of this, I began to realize it was not the vermin that were evil; it's in their nature, you can't change vermin; but it was the woodlanders that were at fault. They live in their fortresses, travel only in packs. They were the ones who never came, so I began taking them as slaves as well. After several more years, that too became tiresome. I had exacted my revenge and made a name for myself in the process. Now, I'm trying to set that name in stone," He inhaled deeply and and shuddered in ecstasy, "I want to be the first to make the abbot admit defeat. I want to hold the sword of Martin. I'm no fool though. I'm not going to risk an uprising of the Redwallers. No. I am going to give the abbey back willingly, along with the sword, and the tapestry. I suppose I just want to see if it can be done.
      And that, my filthy friend, brings us to the present day. I'm going to sneak into Redwall, with your assistance, and see what they do during an attack. You, of course, will be the attacker. When you get back to camp, I have a trunk in my tent filled with armor and such. I suggest you go through it and find something that makes you look like a real warlord. Now then, to Redwall!"

  • 'This guy crazier than I am…Well maybe not crazier near crazy sums it he argued in his head."Very well thought out,but what hapens if the Guisem show up or the mountain hares of Salamandstom appear with a badger Lord?That happens more than often you know.You've probably already thought that out too.I just want to warn you about one thing.Some times the best laid plans can go awry."They approached redwall's east wall.Dester put his hand on the red sand stone."I guess this were we part.......for now."

  • "I guess it is, but would you mind opening the gate first?"

    When Dester opened the gate, Silfur slipped inside, closing the gate behind him. He looked around and found no one was about. He dashed toward the main abbey building and, hiding behind a huge bush, changed into a green habit he'd brought. Leaving his other clothes behind the bush, he stepped out and nearly ran into a flustered looking female dormouse, carrying a basket of nuts. She tripped over his paws and dropped the nuts.
      "Oh no!" She squeaked as the nuts rolled away.
      "Do not worry madam, I'll pick these up. You just don't fret about it." Silfur knelt and picked up all the nuts, putting them back in the basket. He held the basket in one arm and helped her up with the other, "Uh, thank you. I'm Leena."
      "Hello Leena. I am Sil. Pleased to meet you," It seemed odd to Silfur, but he actually was.

  • Dester was walking back to the camp site,muttering to himself."I got a army now leave.No don't leave keep your end of the bargin.I must,this is all I want.You're not a cheat.I know but…But nothing!You keep your end!No!Yes!No!YES!NO!"He yelled as as he entered the campsite.Everyone starred at him."WHAT!?What you looking at!?Me!?!Are you looking at me!?!"He grabbed a lutenet by the chest,through him up against a tree,and held his sawed tooth dagger against his thought."Are you looking at me!?" "No sir!" "Are you looking at me!?! "Sir no sir!" "You better not!Carry on!" "Yes sir!" Dester walked off to his tent."I can't belive Silfur made us follow under his league.His a weight short of a ship wreck!"The ferret told his friends."Aye,but what Silfur says goes.A death wish for sure!He'll be dead an gone soon enough."The group nodded in agreement.Back in the tent Dester laid his cloak out,showing his extensive collection of daggers and knives.Some barbed,some serrated.He looked in the chest Silfur left him.A red suit of armour with black patterns on it.The helmet had a bird skull on it.The sword was large and blood stained."He really went all out on it."Seeing it was starting to get dark he headed off to bed.He held his cleaver on his chest.He slept extremely light that night.

  • Silfur felt quite pleased with himself. Not only was he seamlessly fading into day to day Redwall life, but he had already made an ally. Leena, after they had dropped the nuts off at the kitchens, had volunteered to show Silfur around. He had met his target, the father abbot, the cellarhog, several brothers and sisters, a few Guosim shrews, a hare (Minor snag), and the badger mum (Major snag!). After greeting all the Redwallers, Silfur had tried to get away to check the hinges and locks on the gates, but it was time for dinner. Leena had taken him to Cavern Hall, where he'd sat between her, and a suspiciously squinting badger mum (eep!).
      "So Leena, how long have you lived at Redwall?" Silfur asked, taking a plate full of Deeper'n'ever pie and trying to act like a regular Redwaller.
      "I've lived here since my parents were killed by searats," Leena replied, staring at her plate.
      Silfur raised an eyebrow slightly, "Aren't you upset or bitter no one tried to stop the searats?"
      Leena shook her head and took a roll from a platter, "Not really. Our home was in the middle of nowhere. You wouldn't expect anyone to be out there, so I didn't fool myself. We knew the risks."
      Silfur furrowed brow, "So, where they bad parents?"
      "No! Why would you say that!?"
      "It's just that you didn't feel a need to avenge them, or punish those that killed them," Or the ones that didn't help, he thought.
      "I told you, we knew the risks of living all alone, all of us. Including me. I was heartbroken when they died. I nearly went mad, but I learned to go on. I came to Redwall and continued my life. I didn't go on some insane vengeful killing spree," She laughed.
      Silfur laughed as well, but on the inside he was a little unsettled.

    OOC: Anyone can come and do something with Silfur. I think it would be a little boring if it were just him alone, not able to talk to Dester as it is.

  • Dester had been training his forces for some time now and has been growing impatient with Silfur."Were is he?It's been a fort night and I haven't seen hide or hair of him."He looked at his small army.'My small army.My small army.My SMALL army.Yes it could be bigger but how?Perhaps I should go and take the rest of his hoard but how loyal are his solders?I could….yes,I could simply kill him and take it.At the end of this charade.I'll just kill him and he should give a good struggle hehe yes.'He schemed in his head."Come on!You keep training til sunset afore Silfur gives us the go ahead!" "Sir yes sir!"They chanted in unison.'I could be a bit more patient.'He thought.

  • Kaello had already met the new dormouse. What was his name? Sil, that's it.

    Now he watched him curiously. It seemed he remembered him from somewhere. For the entire dinner Kaello ate sparingly(an incredible feat for a mountain hare), watching what Sil was doing. He kept making curious faces, and acting curiously. Once he looked at Kaello, who pulled a wry face and caused him to look away. The mountain hare was now too curious to let things go simply. He had to find out where this dormouse came from.

    So after the feast, the dormouse left and exited the feasting room without anyone following him. Kaello decided to investigate this queer behavior. Why would a lonesome creature who had just come to the secure abbey go out alone? To meditate? Kaello thought that was possible. But he wanted to know more. Quietly, making sure no other abbeybeast was following him, he crept out to follow Sil.

    (OOC: feel free to do whatever you want. But I'm watching you. :P)

  • Silfur walked briskly through the hallways of the abbey. The sun had gone down and moonlight was starting to pool on the stone floor, turning Silfur's fur alternately white as he hurried down the halls toward the belltower. He had waited for almost two weeks, and the abbey was still NOT being attacked. Had he not been clear? It was up to Dester to start the attack on the abbey.
      He sighed. "I suppose that's what I get for trusting a worthless oaf of a vermin," He muttered as he entered the tower.
      Walking up the winding stairs, he reached the top and leaned out the window. He was close to the outer wall, and could easily see out into the forest. Taking a sling from his habit pocket, he also retrieved a small blue rock. Etched into the rock, was a short message that only somebeast in Dester's position would understand.


    Feeling that this would be obvious, even to a mortifyingly stupid searat, Silfur placed the rock in the sling, and fired it so it landed right near the outside of the wallgate, where one of his scouts would hopefully find it.
      He was becoming… peeved*.

    *Filled with murderous rage at those that disappoint him.

  • Kaello watched Silfur's actions. The dormouse began walking up the stairs to the belltower, and Kaello followed him but kept a safe distance, so that the mouse could not hear his steps. For a hare he found himself walking quite quietly, but his heart beat fast and his breaths were short, for what reason he did not know.

    The dormouse exhibited bizarre behavior. He took a blue stone from his pocket and slung it out of the abbey.

    Kaello decided it was time to act. This was not regular behavior from abbeybeasts, new or not.

    But first he made it look as if he had not been watching him. He silently crept down the belltower, then began whistling and strode back up. He made it sound like he was out for a stroll up the stairs(which was bizarre in itself). He approached the dormouse.

    "'Scuse meh, mah gude fellow. Wot were yah doahn ahp here, when all the gude food es daown there?"

  • Dester has been pacing to and fro the ends of his camp.Finally a scout had come back with a small blue stone with the message."Come on every one it's time!"The camp had made a large cheer."Seems they have warmed up me eh?"He nudge a ferret named Hahn who nodded vigorously."Aye Sir,they have."They started there march torward Redwall.Dester had not worn the suit Silfur gave him.He decided his large black coat lined with finger bones and his black,three pointed hat."I hope your ready Sil.It will be a good show."

  • Silfur almost jumped, but had the sense not to, "Oh. hello sir. Nice to meet you, and as to why I'm up here, I was finished eating and I usually practice with my sling to unwind," He'd have to make sure to start doing that from now on, "And, not wanting to break any windows, I decided to fire out of one, into Mossflower."

  • It was twilight when Dester arrived at the west wall gate."Redwallers come out!I have something to tell you!"He was waving his largest cleaver about."Bring in the captives!"Three travelers that he'd captured along the way.

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