Dual of the Opposites

  • Raglan enters the camp of Silfur.He spots his nemesis."You shall die for your heinous crimes!Your head shall roll like a rock down a mountain!"

  • Silfur glanced at the silver fox who had so rudely barged into his camp. He sighed wearily and turned to face him, resting both paws on his cane in front of him. He waved a paw in the air, "Your blood shall soak the ground, your head shall roll, all that good stuff, now could we hurry this up? I was just on my way to take a nap, and I don't enjoy being detained."

  • "You'll be taking a nap alright,the eternal one."He draws his clay more and sticks it in the ground for later,then he draws his more lighter cutless."The lands shall be much safer as soon as your twenty feet under ground!"He takes an aggressive stance."Putrid wretch!Your slaves shall be free once your death has come!"

  • "Yes, yes. I'm a monstrous abomination. A plague upon the earth. Blah blah blah blah blah," He grins at Raglan, "Now come on. Let's see if you've got a brain and skills to back up your threats, or is that just a macho phrasebook between your ears?" Silfur stands easily, but he is ready to move at the slightest advance.

  • "I'm going to enjoy watching you bleed."He said coldly."Dance you vermin!You shall know fear!"He made furyous swipes at the mouse's torso.

  • Flicking his cane forward a foot, Silfur shoved hard on it, sending him jumping backward several feet, and leaving Raglan slicing empty air, "Nice try, but somewhat predictable. Go ahead then, try again."

  • Raglan rapidly caught up with the tyrant.He sliced and step back.He purposely grazed his fore head just to see blood trickle down his face.He made a wicked smile."You better be faster than that or this will be very short."

  • Silfur touched a claw to the trail of blood and stared with slight intrest at the single drop hanging from his clawtip. He whipped out a handkerchief and wiped away the blood, talking to Raglan as if he were a dibbun who had disappointed him, "(sigh) Well now you've done it. I could have let you walk away before this, but now I must drag this out to the end. Can't look weak in front of the, quote unquote, "slaves" now can we?"
      Still holding the kerchief in one paw, Silfur flashed his cane forward, rapping Raglan on the paw, then pressed the button on his cane a second after, extending a thin blade from the cane's tip. He went into a fencing stance, one paw held behind his back and the cane held forward, angled up.

  • Raglan threw his hands up and back flipped away from Silfur's blade."Oh,look at the wee pointy stick ya got there,be careful or you'll lose an eye!"He spins his blade in an X formation in front of him."Chop chop,Silfur,chop chop!"He quickly spins behind Silfur and grazes his left thigh,steps back,and flips away."Funny,I was almost certain you would bleed black not red."

  • Silfur smiled sweetly, "And I would imagine you would bleed dust ELDER Raglan," He skipped forward and sliced Raglan across the knuckles of his swordpaw, then skipped back, "Honestly, was your fur Always gray, or are you just that old?"

  • Raglan smiled bizarrely.He licks his paw almost sampling his own blood."Hahaha,looks like some one is losing there famous cool head and if things keep going the way they are it'll be in more than one ways."He slowly advances toward the mouse keeping the tip of his blade just barely on the ground.It scrapes a little on the ground,he closes his eyes,throughs his head back,lets his fur bristle out,and stares at Silfur again with his now crimson eyes.In a cold soft voice he speaks"Play time is over mouse."With blazing speed he dashes forth and makes five more slashes.Adding five more blood streaks.

  • "Hmmm, well, who's going to tell anyone if I do lose my temper?" Silfur thrust forward, jabbing a small but deep wound in between Raglan's ribs, "I mean, what sounds better? I defeated him because he made a few rash errors," He twirled his thin blade in a tight C, slashing sideways at Raglan's eyes, then bringing his cane around and slicing across the belly, "Or, I defeated him with my superior skills and reflexes?"

  • "Ha ha,so now you decide to take the offense.I'd think you should be a bit more aggressive with your attacks wretched little cures."He wipes the blood from his eyes,then makes a deep gash in Silfurs shoulder and grabs his cane and arm and throughs him across the floor."Upon this final hour I shall slay you with my unrivaled power!"He sheaths his cutless and grabs his claymore and advances toward Silfur."You're going to be nothing but a torso when I'm finished with you."

  • Silfur winced at the wound in his shoulder, but still stood ready to deflect another blow. Suddenly, he dug the blade of his cane into the camp fire and threw a shower of embers into Raglan's eyes, then jumped into the surrounding bushes, "Call it a tactical retreat!"

  • "Ah!You wretched little demon!"He wipes his eyes only to see the mouse retreat into the woods."Fool."He views the crowd that had gathered."Who among you wishes this wretch dead?The ones who are brave enough step forward."Ten creatures step forward.Among them where three squirrels,two shrews,a weasel,two water rats,and two mice.Each carried axes,spears,and sabers."If he returns before I subdue him and tie him to a poll.You ten shall follow me to end this charade."

  • Silfur listened and grinned as he climbed up into a tall oak tree near the camp. It was true that he was renowned for taking slaves, but some of the vermin in his band had come willingly to him, about ten it was now. To them, power was a very potent lure. He chuckled quietly as he settled down in the upper bows to await the fox. Once he was finished, he could deal with those traitorous slaves.
      Or, he thought, watching as the two mice and a squirrel went into a thicket and only the mice came out, he could have his two top assassins do it for him.

  • Raglan felt some thing was wrong.He could feel it in his bones.He saw the mice come back with no squirrel,he also saw a spot of blood on the palm of both mice."You two come here."The mice walked up to him.In one swift motion he draws one of his daggers,slicing one thought and stabbing the other in the chest."Sending others to do your killing?Pathetic!"He sees a branch move and throws a dagger and hits the paw of Silfur.

  • Silfur gritted his teeth and pulled the dagger out of his footpaw, then examined it while calling down to the beasts in his camp, "Do you see what fate awaits you if you follow him? He slays those who march beneath his banner! And what of me? I have never wronged this beast, and yet he tries to slay me none the less! At least I only slay when I have a reason! He kills with no regards as to logic OR reason! If you run with him, you all will be dead before this time next year! Next season even!! Naught but death awaits those who join him!!!" He took aim and buried the dagger right between the fox's footpaws. It would have been so easy to slay him, but he needed the slaves on his side right now.
      The vermin and slaves looked at each other warily for a moment, unsure of who to side with.

  • Raglan picked his dagger up and cleaned it off then put it away."I kill for no reason?I KILL FOR NO REASON!?Says the beast who'll kill you just for bumping into him!Have you not noticed the squirrel missing?Who was he with before he disappeared?The mice that's who!If I hadn't killed them they would have killed us all!You know whats worst of all?He wants to try to over take redwall!How many armies have fallen at their gates?COUNTLESS that's how many!The worst part is if he ask you to join his hoard and you say no he'll kill you!How many here have lost a loved one because of that!"Hundreds of hands raise up."I go around ending tyrants reigns that poisoning the land.That's my reason.I'll not lead you if I kill him but will let you live your own life!Come now Silfur let's end this now!"He heads into a large circle that formed from creatures backing away.Raglan stands there arms crossed and waiting on Silfur.

  • Silfur stepped out from the concealing foliage onto a branch extending over the camp. About twenty feet below him stood Raglan, his icy gaze burning into Silfur's soul, "Alright Raglan. You win. I admit to all of it, every filthy detail. If you will answer me one question, just one, I will come down and allow you to tear me to ribbons. Better yet, I'll allow my slaves to do it. Look, I'm even unarmed," He held out his cane and dropped it so it landed in the dust next to Raglan's feet, "Sound fair?"

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