Silfur Thoran

  • Name: Silfur Thoran

    Nickname: Sir

    Species: Golden Dormouse

    Description: Silfur is about five [animal] feet tall and 125 [animal] pounds. He has golden fur, a long thin tail, sharp navy blue eyes, and a slightly pudgy, soft look about him.
    -He wears a black suit, a black top-hat, and a haughty, superior expression.
    -He is very determined, confident, practical, poised, cold, heartless, and unforgiving. He would kill you on the spot for failure then wipe his blade on your corpse while humming to himself.

    Possessions: He always has his walking stick at his side. By pressing a small button on it's side near the head, he can make a hidden knife flick straight out the other end. He also has a small pair of crystal glasses and a handkerchief.

    -No conscience. Completely free of any morality as to his actions.
    -Calm at ALL times.

    -Relentless. Doesn't know when he's beaten, or when to quit.
    -Unforgiving. Goes through cronies like a hare with candied chestnuts.

    Background: Silfur was born like any other woodlander, but when his family was ravaged by vermin, instead of dedicating himself to slaying vermin, he decided to enslave them. He convinced a blind fox hermit named Hilch to train him in the use of the cane as a weapon, until he was able to defeat his own master. He betrayed Hilch and slew him, then went on to "hire" all vermin he came across, slaying those who resisted.
    But Silfur's mind became poisoned by his power and control over the vermin, and he began to slay woodlanders as well as vermin. Soon enough, he gave up killing vermin (for the most part) and began pillaging woodland settlements. He is now gathering an army to him, to do what no other had ever done, conquer Redwall.
    Through various wheelings, dealings, and stealings he acquired detailed records of all other attempts at conquering Redwall. He learned from other's mistakes and successes, and eventually formed a plan.

  • I hope he never bumps into Raglan.

  • Uh oh… Sounds like a sneaky son of a ahem what-not...  I hate him already...  >:o

  • Oh-n0, no, no. You aren't supposed to hate him. You're supposed to FEAR him!

  • This guy sound positively EVIL!!!!!!! 😄

  • I envision him being like the 1800s style corprate, gentlemanly villain.

  • Yeah, top hat, good manners, smooth talker, runs things,  no morality, evil. That type of guy, right?

  • yep.

  • Cool! Hey you can join my thread if ya want, with your badger. It's called Sparhawk's adventures (with friends).

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