• Name: Originally Pendy, now Penblade

    Nickname: Pen-me-blade

    Species: Badger

    Description: Penblade is about fifteen [animal] feet tall and weighs in at 400 [animal] pounds. he has a white stripe down his muzzle, but he dyes it deep purple with plant dyes. His eyes are jet black, giving the impression that he has huge pupils.
    -He may look like a juggernaut, but Penblade has not, and will not ever hurt another soul. He believes deeply that words have more power than weapons. To the dibbuns, he is like one of their own. They even initiated him into the D.A.B. organization (Dibbuns Against Bedtime), which he supports enthusiastically. He truly is a dibbun at heart, and it shows.
    -He wears a specially tailored dark blue robe, which hangs off him like a sheet (From the scent of medical herbs, he suspects they may have actually  used a sheet from the infirmary).

    Possessions: He roams the land on a sail propelled ship with waggon wheels, (I actually had this idea BEFORE reading Legend of Luke). He always has a satchel at his side, filled with parchments, quills, ink, books, and a pasty or two. He also has a lute he likes to play.

    -By playing his lute or singing, he can make even the most stone hearted and battle weary warrior cry. It's just that bad.
    -Believing that words have more power than weapons, Penblade has honed his rapier wit to a sharpness equal to Martin's sword.
    -"Bigger than" and "able to snap like a twig" in regards to trees.

    -He always believes that everybeast is good at heart, so it takes a while for him to realize his tongue can't save him in this situation; normally, right up to the point when the dagger's at his throat.
    -An unexplained and unholy fear of acorns.
    -If you don't know him, his huge, dark, imposing figure looks like death itself, so it can be difficult to make friends.
    -Does not experience the Bloodwrath. Not, refuses to, he literally cannot engage the Bloodwrath, and, let's face it, the Bloodwrath is the badger's ace in the hole. Penblade though, has no ace; he's just bluffing at this card table.

    Background: Penblade was born as Pendy, into a family of three. Him, his mother Jule, and his father Roland "Boulder Roller." They lived in a house on the plains, in the middle of a sprawling field of Blazing Star flowers. Tales of his father's exploits are what first convinced Pendy to become a wanderer, but he decided to stay home and take care of his aging parents.
    When his parents did eventually die, it was quietly and in their sleep. Pendy, now about twenty [animal] years old, buried them in a small clearing beside the house, then he took his father's lute from over the hearth, and marched away from home.
    It was not until he was three leagues away from his parent's graves, that he realized he had no idea where he was going. He eventually found his way to Mossflower forest, and met a small band of Guosim shrews at a stream. They fed him and let him camp with them, so in return Pendy told them one of the tales his father had told him. The shrews were so captivated by the tale that their leader exclaimed afterwards, "By the river Moss! You weave a yarn better 'an ol' Log-a-Log can twirl a blade!" At this, all the shrews began to call him Penblade, a name he keeps to this day.
    In the morning, the shrews brought him to Redwall, where he met many friends and an inexhaustible supply of stories. Getting an idea from a dusty old scroll in the gatehouse, Penblade constructed himself a ship with wheels and began wandering with the wind.
    One summer at Redwall, he fell down a hole hidden beneath the old wheelbarrow in the orchard. While down there, he was attacked by two giant eels, discovered a cavern of slime, stumbled upon a scene of ancient carnage, and was captured by a horde of underground vermin. While their prisoner, he experienced a sudden epiphany and came up with an escape plan. This could be nature's way of compensating for the fact he can't enter the Bloodwrath; by giving him sudden bursts of insight.
    He wanders professionally now, as it were, and visits Redwall to wait out the winter every year.

  • Wow, this is good. Better than my guy. I love how you tell the full story of his life, basically everything about him. I really like it!

  • I am glad that you decided to join, Pen.  You are a pretty dang good writer.  You know how to create an interesting picture with words.


  • Just curious, but… With your sizes, are you saying that he would be 15 feet tall if everything were brought up to human standards for size?

  • Aye, that I am! He'd be the worlds most massive teddy bear… a... really scary teddy bear, but still a teddy bear.

  • What's the reasoning for being two-three times larger than anyone else?

  • I just wanted him to be terrifyingly huge, but in reality he's a softy.
    Plus, this could be viewed as an understatement. In reality, aren't badgers five times larger than mice and such?

  • You see what I mean, Pen?  😉

  • (nods head sagely) Yup yup, they'm doont un'erstan us'n's, noop noop.

  • In other words, he's just an over grow dibbun?

  • Yup. 😄

  • LOL that's kinda fun I bet!

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