• Peter: Badger
    Age: 20

    Big and muscular. Owns a shield and a sword. rescues good guys and kills bad guys. (This is Seth's four-year-old brother. no joke. go easy on him k?)

    Sheitter: Gold Marmot
    Age: 4

    Likes to ice skate, throws poison strawberries at bad guys and rescues good guys (I just type what he says. please remember that) Owns a miniture shield that says CTR and a pretend sword. Likes to play games. Mischeivious.

  • Well, considering that it is Seth's younger brother…

    This is very well thought out for four years old. My nine year old sister can't do this well.

  • Seth: I'm afraid I had to cut down some of the fantisising (understatement), but other than that he did great.

  • Still, my sister usually just gives me a name, species, and age, and tells me to finish.

  • LOL My brother did more than that! He wanted me to fight dragons with his chara! I told him no so he said that it would just be a little dragon. He has an imagination beyond livid. Check out what he's done now in "sleepy"

  • Haha…. awww.. that is so cute! You should suggest a mole chara to him. They tend to be scarce and a younger player would do so much better with it than an older person.

  • @Namaste:

    Haha…. awww.. that is so cute!

    😄 Are you male or femmale? 😄

  • ooc

    well now i'm ten so you can stop laffing and let me punch you!

  • ooc (yes ooc)

    The ground was soaked from the rain that night. Armoz wasn't very happy because he had to get up every now and then, to keep from sinking into the mud.

    Hiding behind his bush, he had trouble distinguishing one squirrel from another. Every now and then he thought he'd seen the one he was searching for. All the squirrels looked the same to him. Once, he thought he'd been caught, but he was quickly relieved when that squirrel got punished for "seeing things".

    Watching the villagers and the gawtribe play the games wasn't exactly peaceful. He hated the screaming. He didn't know why the the goodbeast he was hunting had such a big bounty on his head, but he didn't care as long as he got the creature.


  • Nickname: Amroz

    Full Name: Amroz (He didn't know his family)

    Species: Armadillo Lizard

    Occupation: Bounty Hunter

    Description: Thick, armor-like scales plate his entire body (except the belly). His whole body is colored a dry desert tan, excepting the off-yellow belly. He wears a different cloak for each job, so that he can melt into the background.
        As far as size, he would be about the same as a fox. Smaller than a badger, but still intimidating. Also, Armadillo lizards are very dense. By human standards, he'd weigh three or four hundred pounds.

    Possessions: Longsword, obsidian dagger. Pouch: Blowpipe (Ten yard range), various darts, chunks of obsidian. A few lightweight cloaks used for camouflage.

        - Very strong (Arms and legs, but also his jaws)
        - Great at tracking)
        - Fights alright with sword and dagger, but largely relies on his size.
        - Lives outdoors, so he's good with herbs (poison, medicine…)
        - Very powerful, very heavy tail.
        - Very patient (Typically waits for his target)

        - Can't swim (Like... at all)
        - Not very weapon-savy. He's great with his blowpipe and he can get by with a sword and dagger, but that's about it.
        - Can't move quietly. He waits for his targets.
        - Inevitably terrifies vermin and dibbuns alike
        - Not very attractive
        - Doesn't think highly of himself (Thinks he's evil. Doesn't think he can change)
        - Can't read or write
        - Phobia of fire

        - Doesn't talk much

        Armoz was brought over the seas as an "exotic monster." put thru a freak show. He was used as a nuetral fighter for paid fights, the same way that lions were used in gladiator fights. Eventually, he grew angry enough and bold enough to test his chains, so to speak. He broke out and ran away.

    (please tell me what you think)

  • Well technically you're suppose to be 13, as this site is rated PG13 … but we don't want Seth's ghost to haunt us. LOL.

    Good character, however I would have put it in a new topic, starting fresh.

  • (A)I turn 11 may 4th
    (B)It shouldn't
    (C)you'd get allot more than that if he see's this

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