Torin Galedeep

  • Name: Torin Galedeep (Of the Galedeep clan.)
    Nickname: Tory
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Species: Sea otter
    Occupation: Slinger

    Physical Appearance:
    –Torin is tall and muscular. He has wide shoulders and several tattoos on his arms. He has powerful legs and can run a short distance very fast. He has dark brown fur, with a light brown patch on his face. A white patch of fur covers about two inches of the tip of his tail.
    He wears a dark brown cloak with a black leather belt. Under that he wears a green tunic and on his head he has a headband with a tall white and brown feather stuck into it.

    -- He has a sling, which he has gotten extremely good at. He also carries a book, which he writes his adventures in. (So he doesn't have to keep telling them to everyone Tongue) He carries his favorite twin swords (like Finnbar Galedeeps).He has a flute that he plays because he likes singing. And to tops it all off a javelin.

    Torin is quite jolly and cheerful. He has a cool head in tight situations. He can be very serious in some situations though. He loves to sing, and has an excellent bass voice. He was patient with dibbuns and loves to play with them.

    --Eyesight- He has a sharp eye and is good at slinging and throwing a javelin. He can spot things about half a mile away.

    --Camouflage- He can blend in with the forest very well.

    -- Teasing- He has a fondness for teasing sometimes resulting in hysterics.

    -- Running long distances- He is good at short sprints but he's not very good at running long distances.

    Torin was born and is living on Greenisle. He teaches Dibbuns and other otters how to use a sling shot. He lives with his parents Flurnia and Jaymar and a brother Ruso. He was taught by his brother how to sling. He soon got better than his brother and began to teach other beasts to sling. He was taught to use a javelin bye his father. He was always good at writing and likes to write in his book of adventures that he carries.

    He hopes someday to see The High Rhulian for he lives on the other side of the Isle so he hasn't seen her yet. One day he plans to travel across Green Ilse and see her, and maybe become one of her guard!

    Mother: Flurnia
    Father: Jaymar
    Brother: Ruso

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    This is a really good character. I like it! Nice job, Rorgus. 😄

  • Harhar thanks matey.

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