Prattel Hafter

  • Nickname:Pat,Haft

    Name:Prattel Hafter





    Appearance:He is light brown with black paws,has green eyes,and a long tail that is striped between black and light brown.

    Description:He is very light hearted and grew up in a not so average home.His parents taught him good all through his life,unlike most stoats.His parents grew up in redwall but moved before he was born.He loves drama and is very good at acting,both on and off stage.He loves to create art,in fact he is obsessed with it.He is an expert at all sorts of arts,ranging from chiseling statues to what he considers an art sword fighting.

    Possessions:A hammer,chisel,paint brush,drawing pad,mural,accordion,flute and a mandolin.His weapons include two daggers,a saber,a staff,a hatchet,and a pata which is sword attached to a handle with an arm guard.

    Strength:He is excellent at all of his weapons though he doesn't use them much.He can carve some of the most beautiful statues from wood and stone which he uses as peace offerings.He also makes beautiful paintings.

    Weakness:He is a bit odd.When he is in a frenzy of art he doesn't like to be interupted.Being an actor he can be a bit of a show off.He is also deathly afraid of grasshoppers.

    Backstory:He was born in a peaceful society and his early years were very peaceful,but soon a plague of famine was cast upon his family.He worked in a tavern while he was twelve to help his family by food.In the tavern he discovered his talent for acting.A play was to be held and one of the leading creatures was ill with a dreadful cold.He said he had a good memory and was able to learn all his lines in under a hour.He saved the play and was able to feed his family through the famine.When he left at age eight teen he was a master at swords skills,sculpting,and painting.He has only had a brief meeting with Danker and thinks he is a good lad and wishes he could see him again.

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