Shaun Strongrudder

  • Name: Shaun Strongrudder
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: North American River Otter

    Occupation: Questing
    Physical Appearance: Shaun is a tall powerful otter, he is well muscled from all swimming he does. His rudder is strong and can knock a beast down with one swipe. He wears gray pants but no shirt, except in the wintertime when he needs one. He doesn’t wear any headgear or footwear. His eyes are hazel and very serious, he seems to be looking into your heart when he looks at you. He has a square jaw that juts out when he’s angered. But that doesn’t happen too often. His fur is all dark brown except the slash of white that runs from his neck down his chest.

    Possessions: Shaun carries a hand-and-a-half sword in a sheath on his back. His seven double tipped javelins are his price possessions however, he keeps the heads sharp and the shafts oiled and polished. A pouch at his waist holds a small amount of provisions and his sharpening stone. Also around his waist is his sling along with some small stones for slinging.

    Personality: Shaun is a serious type of guy, he wouldn’t get a joke it hit him in head! He’s loyal to his friend, and you don’t want to be his enemy! He is sure of his abilities, even if others are not. Some times he can be too sure of his abilities. He can take command of a situation with no problem, but it will get him into trouble one day. He has many friends and wouldn’t mind a few more!

    Strengths: Javelin throwing is his main strength, next to that, comes his sword. He’s a first rate swimmer and can dive very very far before the pressure becomes too great. Tracking.

    Weaknesses: He doesn’t get a joke and will get offended when others joke about him. He hates heights (they make him feel sick). He’s shy of almost all girls, except ones he knows really well. He’s also proud and doesn’t like to admit that he’s wrong. His slinging is also something that could use a LOT of work; more often than not he’ll hit himself on the head instead of his enemy!
    Relationships: Father; Josh Strongrudder (desised). Mother; Sarah Strongrudder. Sister; Karla.

    History: Shaun grew up in Holt Summerdell. But in his thirteenth year a vermin raiding party landed on the beach and found Shaun and his family where they were having a picnic. His father hadn’t brought any weapons with him, after all, who needed weapons on the GreenIsle? When he saw the vermin coming Josh (Shaun’s father) yelled to his wife Sarah, Shaun, and Shaun’s sister Karla, to run. They got away, but there were to many for a lone otter to deal with, even Shaun’s father. They found his body lying on the ground with thee sea rats next to him. Shaun swore to himself to find and kill his father’s murderers. So on his sixteenth birthday he set of for Mossflower in search of the villains. The trial lead many places and Shaun picked up his fighting skills along with his precious javelins from a friendly blacksmith he met in Mossflower. The blacksmith had found him lying on the bank of the River Moss half dead from fatigue. Shaun stayed with Darnel for about a year, and before he set out to continue his search, Darnel gave him eight double tipped javelins. Later he lost one in the belly of one of the vermin, it sank into a bog before Shaun could get to him. As far as Shaun knows, there are still seven to kill…

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