Raglan Seager

  • Nickname:The Silent Death

    Name:Raglan Seager

    Appearance:He is a male grey fox and a tall one at that,(8ft6in).He has diffrent color eyes,one is blue and the other is dark green.There is a distinced white mark on his chest that looks like a claw.

    Description:He is usually seen carving sculptures of various land marks,creatures,and some times himself.He is mostly quiet but dose talk when he is in the mood to.He has a deep sounding voice,but can talk in a lighter tone when he wants to.

    Possessions:A very large claymore,a blow gun with toxic darts,some carving knives,a cutless,and a stone for sharpening his blades.

    Strengths:He is very deadly with all of his weapons,and his size makes others think he'd be a good leader.He is very strong,agile,and excellent in paw to paw combat.

    Weakness:He has frequent nightmares,and at some points,has emotional break downs.There usually around his birth day and his dead families.He has a tendency to charge into battles if he sees a creature in disstress.

    Backstory:Raglan was a very unfortunate fox.He had the horror of watching his family die at the hands of a cruel badger lord when he was only six.He has vowed to kill that badger and said he never rest til he did.He doesn't hate all badgers or the hares within the hollow mountain,just that one.He is friends with Danker,but hasn't seen him since he left.He is currently twenty five years old.

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    Heh, this reminds me of Jared. He sometimes has nightmares about his family's death, but no emotional breakdowns. And anyone who's a friend to Danker is a friend to Jared. This is good!

  • Same here.  Anybody who is a friend of Danker has Tristin as a drinking companion and comrade.

  • Nice! One thing though, could you put; Age, and Species up at the top? I mean, you can leave them where they are, just make a new category for them. Like you have for the others.

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