The Wanderer

  • Danker became a bit calm seeing his friend was fine."Oh thank goodness,I glad to see your fine.You got some fancy sword skills I see,maybe we can have mock fight later.Lets get our things and get to redwall before anything else happens.I need a hot bath."

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  • Tristin finished dressing his shoulder.  "A mock fight would be just the ticket, although we would have to go out into Mossflower to do it.  Redwallers get jumpy around combat."

    He picked up his poigniard and cleaned its blade before returning it to its scabbard.  "Yes, we should be getting on.  I personally want a hot dinner before anything else, but with this shoulder I can't see anything remotely near that happening."  Tristin rolled his eyes despairingly.  His attitude was that of a wolf on the Russian steppes who, expecting a peasant has been fobbed off with a wafer biscuit.    "Anyhow, the sooner we arrive, the sooner I will be able to put physics behind me and sit down to a large spread of Redwall fare.  I judge by the landmarks that we are around 7 leagues from the Abbey right now, so it will not be long before we get there."

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  • The two comrads have arrived at the wonder that is Redwall Abby."What a wondrous monument!"Danker said in aw."Since you arm is a little banged up,do you want me to get there attention?I will if you do the talking."Danker was very anxious.This is the very first time he ever layed eyes upon the abby.

  • Tristin smiled.  "No, please allow me the honor."   He cleared his throat and then sang out in a clear voice, "What ho the Abbey, there is a vermin at the gates!  In fact, the only vermin from here to Salamandastron that you would ever care to feed!  Oh, and I have a friend with me, so kindly don't paste him."

    A squirrel showed head above the parapets on the abbey wall.  "Tristin St. Caens!  We knew you would be happening along one of these days!  Not a season goes by when you do not show up for the autumn apple harvest.  Who might your friend be?"

    The weasel grinned happily.  "Brother Verden!  You are looking fat and healthy!  You can see I made a new mate just this afternoon.  Danker Ristol, his name is, and I was glad to have him at my side during a little scrap with some robber scum we had not eight leagues back.  Even though he is a fox, you can take my word for it that he is trustworthy, and a better scrapper at his tender age I never have known.  Now, Brother, if you would grant us admittance, we would be extremely grateful.  We are hungry and I imagine that Sister Arnica will not give me rest once she sets eyes on my shoulder, which somehow managed to get itself lacerated this afternoon."  Tristin rolled his eyes.  "The sooner she sees it, the sooner I will be able to satisfy the craving for Redwall fare that has been plaguing me these past weeks."

  • As Danker entered the wonder that was Redwall Abby his mouth was gaped open like a bass out of water."This is beautiful.I have to draw all of this."He took out his pad and made quick sketch of everything so he could make more detailed painting later."What is that delicate aroma in the air?"He found his way to the kitchen window."Whats in her-WHAM!"A rolling pin greeted his face once he stuck his head in.Danker made a yelp and passed out.

  • Rorgus was in the kitchen when a fox poked his head in the window. He saw friar (think up name for friar) throw a rolling pin at the fox.
    " You didn't have to do that friar. I could've dealt with him." Rorgus went to the window and hopped out to where the fox was lying unconscious. He picked him up and carried him up to the infirmary. He met Tristin on the way up.
    " Oh hello Tristin do you know who this fox is? He poked his head in the kitchen window and the friar hit him with the rolling pin. I was just taking him up to the infirmary."

    Rorgus arrived in the infirmary and put the fox on a bed he told Sister Arnica about what happened. He exited the infirmary and went to talk to Tristin.

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    "What happened?Why is my head sore?"Danker said regaining consciousness.He had a large lump on his head."Who are you?"He spied the otter.He stumbled a little when he got up."Wow… head is really hurting,but I'll get over it.I'm Danker."

  • Rorgus held out his paw.
    "Hello my name is Rorgus," He then realized it was a fox and said.
    " What are you doing here at Redwall? Be you friend or foe?"  He started asking Tristin as he came in.
    "Who is this? Do you know him?"

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    Tristin had been looking for Danker, having last seen him heading off to explore as he was ushered into the infirmary by a very enthusiastic Sister Arnica.  He strolled into the infirmary just in time to see a groggy Danker sit up, rub himself on the head, and exchange words with Rorgus.  “Here  you are… What in tunket happened to you?  It would appear that you got pasted a beauty, judging by that lump on your head.”  The weasel turned to the big otter.  “This is young Danker Ristol.  He is by all means a friend.  You need not fear for any dibbuns or old ones.  I met him this afternoon as I was journeying here, and I feel that we are already fast friends.  We have been through quite a lot, including a little scrap where I got distracted and won this beauty to adorn my shoulder.  Incidentally, do you know who so zealously clunked our young friend on the mazzard, Rorgus?”

    Tristin grinned humoredly at Danker.  “You seemed to have received a warm welcome.”  The weasel laughed.  “Don’t worry about the Redwallers.  Some of them can be quite hasty at first, but they mean well, and once they realize that you are a goodbeast, then they will be your fastest friends.”

  • Mouse walked into Great Hall he was talking to Abbot Draco. Yes father abbot i think your right. Well I'm going up to the infirmary to talk to sister Arnica. Before those dibbuns get me
    again. Mouse just started to walk to the stairs when a gang of dibbuns came in to Great Hall
    looking for him. Mouse ran up the stairs to the infirmary.Hello! Tristin back again? Who's
    your friend

  • Danker was in a bit less pain when Tristin came in."Yeah I got a REAL warm welcome."He chuckled back at Tristin.He headed over to a mirror to see his injury."Wow,who ever did this deserves,uh,well they deserve something!Nice to meet you Rorgus.I hear a swarm of dibbuns coming!I best stick with you Tristin I don't want this happening again."

  • Tristin laughed merrily.  "I'll bet my evening meal that it was Friar Ranlop who gave you your lump.  That mouse is sometimes so eager to be of service to his Abbey and yet so hasty that I sometimes think he would indeed bake himself up in a pastry if he thought it would somehow benefit us.  Ah well, he is a goodbeast at heart, and I imagine that if we went to the kitchen he would bake you a batch of apple turnovers by way of apology."  He turned his attention to Mouse, who had just entered.  "Ahh, Mouse!  How are you carrying yourself these days?  This is Danker Ristol, and I think that you and he would take to each other best if you asked him his story, which only ten minutes ago took a fascinating turn."

    They happy group was interrupted by the entrance of a tiny mousebabe.  “Mithta Penblade just falled down ee deep hole!"

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