Nickname:  Trist.    Other than that… Nyet.

Species:  Weasel

Full Name:  Tristin St. Caens

Species:  Weasel

-Male weasel.  
-Blue eyes, reddish maroon fur, white underside.  
-Around 35 years of age.  
-Fairly tall, around 6 [animal feet] high, and 140 [animal lbs.] Usually smiling sardonically, but likeably.  
-Wears taupe colored breeches, a white linen blouse, and an embroidered waistcoat.

-A long crosshilt rapier with a single left ring ricasso and a long poigniard.

  • A carved pipe and tobacco pouch, a crystal eyeglass, a traveler’s knapsack.

-An excellent swordsman.
-Agile and fast.
-The perfect gentleman.

-Wears no armor whatsoever.  
-Poor swimmer
-Cannot shoot a bow.

Orphaned as a young weasel, Tristin has spent his life travelling and adventuring from a young age.  He picked up many of his high class habits in far away lands.  He is amiable and friendly.  He is neutral, but will protect females, young, and anyone at a disadvantage, choosing otherwise to allow creatures with serious disagreements to battle it out for themselves.  He can’t abide treachery.  He has come in for his share of hurt, but has come away relatively unscathed.  He enjoys a good fight, a good pipe, and a pint of bitter and a song with a good friend.  He spends a good deal of time at Redwall Abbey when he is not off on his travels.