Tower jumping

  • Quarrel looked over the edge of the belltower.
        It sure looked like a long drop. Might as well make the most of it.
        He stepped to the edge and balanced on the railing over the Abbey pond, The ground dropped away nearly eighty feet below him. This was the highest point in Redwall and The young squirrel would put it to a great use. He placed his paws together and, makeing sure that the other beasts were clear of the pond, he leapt down through the air.

  • -ooc- The bell tower isn't anywhere near the pond my friend…

  • It isn't? okay, well lets say that he built a slide neext to it. 🙂

  • -ooc- A very LOOOOOOOONG Slide? LOL  😄

  • 🙂 It works. (Maybe ??? )

  • Ummm… I believe the elders would object to a slide that long. Also, where would you find the materials? Also, who said it's nowhere near the pond?

  • -ooc- I'm pretty sure I saw a map somewhere, and it displayed the tower as being on the north side of the abbey, with the pond to the south…

  • The only place that seems to have a map of the inside of Redwall Abbey is a new book that was written called 'The map of Redwall and the Redwall Riddler' or something like that. To bad you have to buy it.

  • I have it. It's not new. It's been out since about the time of Triss. And it's a map of all Mossflower, and Southsward. Only one map. But lots of riddles.

  • Nothing about the abbey itself except its placement?

  • I'll take that as a no considering that you haven't responded in about two weeks. If its taken you that long to find it than I'm sure that it doesn't exist. 😮

  • -00c-Yipee! Now we have a map

  • -ooc-Where?

    Quarrel continued his long and stomouch stealing drop. About twenty feet above the water he began to wonder how great of an idea this had really been.
        A huge wave came away from the pond, sweeing large amounts of water anto onlookers.

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