Kristoph Kastan

  • Nicknames: Kriss, Double-voice (negative), Veteran (positive)

    Full Name: Kristoph Kastan

    Species: Fox (Good)

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Has gray fur, Neon Green eyes, and an honest-looking smile. Wears a Royal Blue shirt with a purple cloak. Has a habit of placing one hand on his hip and leaning slightly to one side. Somewhat taller than the average fox.

    Description: The Redwallers trust him enough not to cause trouble. They pity him for the devastation a certain gas caused his body, even though he is recovering. Has been exposed to a body-disrupting gas known as "pale fog." Likes to tell stories of his country, which is the one Avelrak was from. Hates anyone who abuses the less fortunate. Believes in saying whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and is not afraid to do so. Hates manipulative personalities. Composes non-lyrical music that the Redwallers find interesting and original. Has peculiar dreams, with some of them involving anything from haunted houses to madly designed houses. Pale fog disrupted his voice box, causing him to sound like he has two voices at once, with one of them a semitone below his real voice.

    Possessions: Has a sharp whip he uses as a deterrent for anyone who tries to attack him. Also carries a long, green-dyed sword that is made of a hardened, shatter-proof type of glass. Has a book titled Negotiator's Handbook.

    Strengths: Very quick reflexes and a fast runner. Effective negotiator, helped by the book he reads. Doesn't give in to temptation. Endured a very frightening physical experience, thus earning his "Veteran" nickname.

    Weaknesses: Is still affected by pale fog, although his body has almost fully recovered. Very occasionally has blackouts. Delusional at times. Socially challenged.

    Background: Born and raised in the country Avelrak was from. Knows Avelrak as a childhood friend. Moved into Redwall Abbey at 18 years. He had to explain himself, given the Redwallers' assumptions of a fox. Shortly after he left for his journey to Redwall Abbey, he saw a pale, pink-colored fog. He assumed it was safe and moved on. Two minutes later, he began to feel the early symptoms: dizziness, slight loss of balance, and eyesight problems, involving increasing contrast in light. Later, his vision deteriorated; everything seemed to lose it's color gradually. His vision became more contrasted, and every two seconds, his vision would pulsate like a heartbeat. He could hear the exact same similarity as his vision pulsed. As his vision pulsed, the movements he saw skipped. The symptoms worsened after thirty minutes. He was beginning to lose control of his limbs. His hearing started to become distorted. After twenty more minutes, he lost consciousness for a few minutes. When he woke up, he noticed that his voice had changed. His voice now sounded as if two of him were talking at the same time.  He lost consciousness five times before he was finally rescued. When he arrived at Redwall Abbey, he and his friend had to explain themselves before gaining entry. It didn't take long for Kristoph's voice to persuade the Redwallers. Now he has become a well-respected resident of Redwall, and the Redwallers are now more aware of the pale fog that had wreaked havoc on Kristoph's body.

    Quote: (This was back when he was in pale fog, being rescued). "It's that pale fog. I'm losing consciousness all of the time. My hearing keeps disappearing. Limbs stop working, one after another. Pretty soon, I won't be able to control my thoughts, either.

    …Something flashed by just before you came, but I couldn't tell where it went. I'm having problems with my eyesight right now."

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