Danker Ristol (updated)

  • Nickname:Danker,Sticks(negative),Screamer(negative),Red Paw(positive)

    Full name:Danker Ristol

    Appearance:male red fox,about the average height of other foxes but slightly skinny.Has hazel eyes,scarlet red fur,and his right paw is completely red.Since his explorations in the under world that was under Redwall Abbey,he as obtained golden tattoos that cover the right side of his face,down to his red paw.He has also obtained a scar on his leg from the duel he and Zickba had.

    Description:Many beasts like being around him.He can be very humorous and can be seen with a smile on his face allot.He can have a high pitched laugh that could shatter glass though he can have a wheezy laugh as well.He has became more serious to show he is now a leader,but still retains his humor.

    Possessions:a iron ball attached to a long rope,two daggers,some shiny things,drawing pad,and some brass cuff links.He has the golden sword from the underground civilization.It show he is in charge.

    Strength:He is very cunning and uses it to get out of fights.He can also intimidate other creatures from fighting him by acting furyous,crazy,and screaming very loud.He is very generous and compassionate,which is odd in most foxes,and is frequently made fun of for it.He can be quite bold and often scouts ahead for danger,and he would give his life for a loved one.

    Weakness:He can be a bit timid and his emotions can get the best of him at some points.He often wonders around and sings to him self which causes other creatures to stay wary of him.He would not kill a beast,only disarm him and knock him out,which can be a fatal mistake.

    Background:Danker was abandoned and was adopted by a war clan. They had hoped on making him the best and deadliest warrior,but his friendly nature impeded that idea. When he reached eleven years of age he decided he would make his own living even though he is quite young. He is now the leader of a formally hidden civilization. He is currently 18 years old.

  • Very interesting character. You wrote pretty much the same level of detail I would use for my characters. Nice to see a good fox.

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