Endos Deathgrip

  • Names: Endos

    Full Name: Endos Deathgrip

    Species: Weasel

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Appearance: His fur was the color of mud and his eyes had a dark bandit's mask of black, like a raccoon. He has yellow eyes and a terrifying stare. His hands were usually in a tight fist. He wore a pirate's hat, a thin cloak and an arm gauntlet.

    Description: His grip was notoriously powerful. He was captain of the pirate ship, Wavescythe which had a crew full of loyal ferrets. They patrolled the shores and didn't care for plunder. He hated being called pirate, and would rather be labeled as a conqueror. He was swift and wielded a silver trident as well as a dirk. He and his crew were feared throughout the seas.

    Possessions: Silver Trident, Dirk, Black Arm Gauntlet

    Strengths: Intelligent, Very strong, Skilled in armed combat.

    Weaknesses: Short temper, can't resist an argument.

    Background: He was an orphaned baby weasel who had to fend for himself in Mossflower country. He once was a thief, but now has his own castle to protect. He has a special love of music, mostly because he used a reed flute to soothe himself in his younger days.

  • OK, good start! But… You might wanna go look at other peoples characters so you know how to lay things out.  Keep it up!

  • If you can make your character profiles as detailed as mine, then you're good at descriptions. Take a look at one of mine to get an example.

  • One suggestion: put your profile in a listed sort. Take a look at mine. I had to go through MANY changes in order to get it right. Dont worry about spelling. Spelling IS important, but once you get through typing up your profile, go through and see if everything is spelled right. Other than that, good luck!

  • I used Avelrak's as a template. That's ok with you right?

  • Yeah. That's what I meant, sorta. 😄 Maybe we can do a story together, and use one of my otters!

  • Great, that would be nice.

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