Gezmet Karranot

  • Nicknames: Gez, Gezzie,

    Full Name: Gezmet Karranot (not Jezmet)

    Species: Stoat (Good)

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Fur is a bit spiky at the top of his head. Wears a blue mask with a strange shape on it, making it look like he can see without his eyes. Pattern on the mask looks like a stretched hexagon with a four-pointed star in the center. Both shapes are very dark. Average height for a stoat. Wears a dark blue shirt with a similarly dark green vest over his shirt. Wears dark blue pants.

    Description: Some of his statements are quite cryptic, but they nearly always lead to his favorite mug and drink. Mysterious. Scorns tyranny. Seems to like and respect Martin the Warrior. Friends with Avelrak. Like his brother, he likes to drink, but avoids drinks that can cause drunkenness. Likes strawberry fizz.

    Possessions: Carries a weapon he calls a "Bar and Chain". Very much like a flail, only there are steel bars at each end of the weapon instead of steel balls. Has a book titled Trials and Errors.

    Strengths: Powerful and trained in the art of self-defense. Skilled at spotting mistakes and flaws in people's statements. Not afraid to speak his mind. Calm and collected. Very smart.

    Weaknesses: Although he is accepted at Redwall Abbey, not many of the residents trust him. However, this is turning itself around now that Avelrak is friends with him. Rarely seems to be happy or sad, although he may give the occasional grin in an argument. Overly critical of people he considers untrustworthy. Sometimes can seem cold. Aloof.

    Background: Has a brother named James Karranot. James doesn't know him as well as people think, as they were separated as infants. No one knows his past, not even James Karranot. There are rumors that he may have played a major role in stopping a Badrang-like tyranny.

    Possible Statement: "Foxes are fickle beings. They can change alliances many times without knowing who they truly serve. One thing remains constant…and it lies at the bottom of this mug."

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