The Adventure of Blacktooth Darkaura!

  • The muscular orange fox, Blacktooth Darkaura, lay unconcious in the clearing. Pain exploded in his head. He was covered in blood and dirt. His axe Wounds were strewn about his body.

    *                                *                        *                     
    Blacktooths eyes opened. The last thing he could remember was the Badger Lords spearbutt smash into his chest. He noticed that he was covered in herbs and dockleaves.
      ""So you're awake!"
    Blacktooth gasped. He had not noticed the old mousemaid. He presumed it was she who had brought him here and helped him. He felt around for his axe. It was on the floor, next to him. In a flash, he had the axe above his head, ignoring pain, ready to strike. But somehow, he could not do it. The axe was still there. This person had saved his life! The mousemaid ran away with a squeak. How could he do this? How could he just stand here? He was Blacktooth! A fox! A killer! A Darkaura! He noticed he was in pain, layed down, and went back to sleep.

  • Kiara had been wandering around, with her basket, picking some fruit and had some sandwishes for an evening picnic if she didn't make it home in time.

    Walking into a clearing, the mouse-maid looked up at the sky. I was a nice evening, the sun starting to set and casting a red glow in the clouds and sky.
    Tilting her head, as she sees something on the ground, and walking closer to see what it was.

    Gasping, Kiara took a step back as she noticed the thing is a fox.
    He wasn't moving so she took out one of her arrows and poked at it, not sure if it was alive or not. But either way, she had an arrow in her hand, if she needed it.

  • "Step away from this creature." The ashen fox dropped from a nearby tree, "How have you been since our last encounter, eh?" It was Ashton. He was smiling disarmingly.

  • Kiara jumped a little and turned around to the voice, her arrow pointed at him.
    "You again…" She said, watching Ashton. "What do you want? ... No wait ... Don't answer that, just leave me alone." She said to him, arrow in one hand, and basket in the other.

  • "Just turn around and walk away, you're not tied up, or pinned to a tree. Besides, what would you have to do with a fox, being as you can't seem to get enough of them?" He said, leaning against the tree.

  • "Why don't you take your own advise?" She asked him, rolling her eyes at him then turned to the injured fox, poking him one last time. "He looks like he needs help…" She said out loud, but more to herself then to anyone else.

  • "You'd think he'd need a healer, such as I am. So without further adue, you will leave or you'll meet my daggers again."

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    "I'm not afraid of you, Ashton…" Kiara mumbled as she looked at the injured fox. She couldn't leave him like that, who knows what Ashton would do to the poor thing, even if he he is one of the bad ones.

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    Blacktooth woke up. He saw the same mousemaid from before confronting a grey-black fox.
      "What is this all about!?" he shouted.

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  • Ashton lost patience. Drawing two of his skilfully hidden daggers, he slammed Kiara against a tree, snarling. His knee was to her stomach, and he had a dagger drawn against her throat, as well as her wrist, "After I bandaged you, she comes along to poke at you," he said to Blacktooth, "Woodlanders are too nosy for their own good."

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    Kiara winced as she was slammed into the tree. She hardly had any time to respond to Ashton before he had her pinned with his knee and daggers.

    She closed her eyes for a moment then opened them again, looking at Ashton "I don't trust you enough to leave anybeast with you, good or otherwise.." She said carefully. With the dagger at her throat, she didn't want to risk anything. "..So why don't you let me go. I did nothing to you…" She said, her arrow still loosely in her hand. "...So far" She grinned a little at him, forgetting about Blacktooth.

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  • Blacktooth was confused. But he soon recovered. He decided to kill them both.
      "Eeeyaauugghhh!!!!" he yelled, brandishing his hefty axe and charging them.

  • "Shade, Ravage, now!" said Ashton as he ducked a swing from the war axe, and consequently, to dark clad beasts dropped from an overhanging bough, straight onto Blacktooth. Releasing Kiara, he picked up the fox's axe. A formidable weapon it was indeed. Ashton Turned to Blacktooth, "I will take you to my den for help, a lot more than you deserve for trying to rush me.

    The two creatures, clad almost like Ashton, but with their hoods drawn, helped Blacktooth up, and escorted him behind the Dark-pelted fox.
    Ashton turned towards Kiara, leaving her a parting gift:
    A dagger that had severed her shaft in two..but, with a strong beckoning flick, it returned to his paw!
    Ashton and his two dark helpers disappeared into the foliage.

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    Blacktooth: Feel free to talk on the way, or just play it silent.

    Kiara: Sorry for ending the encounter rather abruptly, but it was growing into an awkward standoff about a mouse and a fox arguing over who's gonna help a fox.
    But, knowing you, you'll be back in the thick of it before long.

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  • Blacktooth was silent. In truth, he felt hatred toward the fox, but he decided to take advantage of any kindness he might receive. Who knows? They might become friends! The large, dark fox would prove a valuable ally. But if he continued to feel the hatred, the fox would find Blacktooth's dark fang in his neck!

  • Kiara gasped as Ashton cut her arrow in half. Shaking her head she had watched the four of them leave.
    "I Really hate him…" She said to herself as she started to calm down after the situation. She had blamed it on Ashton for the situation to get so out of hand like that.

    Rolling her eyes she finally got up from leaning on the tree she was only moments ago pinned against. Deciding to stick around a little longer to have something to eat, knowing that Ashton and the others won't be coming back anytime soon.
    She made sure nothing was dropped in the fight and proceeded to set up for a picnic then go home to repair her broken arrow.

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