Willful Wishes

  • Rorgus was running for his life. He raced along the path dodging back and forth as arrows and spears pelted the ground around him. One scraped his paw. He chanced a glance back, and saw the vermin chasing him. He saw a front-runner was catching up with him. Then it fell pierced by an arrow from its own companion. The fastest runners were in the back with bows, they would run forward shoot then pause reload, and shoot again. Rorgus kept running with all his might. He dodged off into the woods hoping to lose them. He dodged behind trees and back out. He was starting to slow down. He forced himself onward. He saw something glitter up ahead, all the sudden he knew what it was, water! If he could just get to the water he would be safe. Then something struck his paw, and he fell to the ground with a groan. One hundred feet to the water! He tried to drag himself to it. He was ten feet from the water when he blacked out.
          Rorgus woke with a head splitting headache. He looked around at his surroundings; he was tied with his back to a tree. He could not move an inch.
    Those vermin sure know how to tie a beast up. Thought Rorgus, he looked at the guard standing near him. It was a weasel; he looked big and strong but rather stupid. He looked over at the camp, with the glowing campfires. He saw a tent in the middle of the camp, and he thought it must be the leaders tent. The leader was a fox; he was tall and not very big. What he lost in size he gained in cleverness. He carried three throwing knives, and could use them very well. Rorgus discovered that they had taken his dirk away. The fox came over to Rorgus seeing him awake. “
    What is your name? And where is it?”
    “ What are you talking about? I don’t see why I should tell you my name,” said Rorgus.
    “ You know what I am talking about. The stone” said the fox. What he meant by the stone was an Emerald that his father had passed down to Rorgus when he died. It had strange powers, and Rorgus treasured it because it was the only thing of his fathers. It was the reason the fox had killed his father, to get the stone, and he never got it, thus he is back again to get it. Rorgus kept it in his sling pouch, and he had colored the other rocks green so as to fool any beast trying to find the emerald. It was smooth like the others, and Rorgus had put a red dot on it so he could tell it apart but it was hard to find, and it would take a lot of looking if they didn’t know where to look. The fox began to search him, soon he came to the stone pouch and saw all the “Emeralds” He knew it was a trick and began looking through them. Rorgus had so skillfully painted them that you could not tell which were which. The foxes name was Saigon.
    “You’ll never find it Saigon.” Said Rorgus, Saigon knew that Rorgus could find out which one it was so he said.
    “ If you do not tell me which one it is I shall slowly boil you in that cauldron over there.” He pointed to a big cauldron full of water over a fire.
    “ You’ll never get it Saigon! I would sooner die than tell you which one it is. And you would never break it because then it would lose its power.” Saigon knew he spoke the truth, if he tested to see which on it is by breaking it then the emerald would lose its power. And that is why he wanted the emerald, he was trying to get a set of stones so that he could combine them and get power. The only one left was the emerald and he was going to get it! (If he could) Untie him from the tree and tie him up again. A rat and a stoat came forward and started untying him from the tree. They tied a rope around his waist and ran the rope over a tree branch that was hanging over the cauldron of boiling water. So that he was hanging over the pot so they could lower him into the water.
    “ You still have a chance!” Saigon shouted
    “ Tell me and I will spare your life”
    “ I will never tell you!”
    “Brave words, start lowering him” He said to the rat with the rope. The rat slowly started lowering him. Rorgus felt the hot steam rising from the cauldron. He was about two feet away from the cauldron when something hit him hard. He felt himself falling, he saw what had hit him it was an otter!

  • "I got yew, an' shut up. The vermin are gonna be after us!" Snike tugged Rorgus in the dark forest to get to safety. Once there, she gently brushed some fur away from his forehead and then froze when she heard the angry voice of the fox. "Hurry, we gotta get outa here!" Snike grabbed Rorgus' hand and pushed him ahead of her, and was behind him when she was caught. "Run, Rorg, run!"

  • Rorgus was stunned for a second by the fall. Then he jolted back in a second as he saw what happened. He got an idea and began getting his bow from a nearby tree he notched an arrow to it and pulled it back as far as he could. He then pointed it at the cauldron and fired as hard as he could. He watched it tip over among the vermin. Then he ran for his life, they made it to the woods. Which assured them cover. Rorgus ran with all his might to reach the stream. He glanced backward to see Snike. But she wasn't there! He skidded to a stop, he turned back to find her. She was lagging behind he wondered what was wrong but helped her along.
    "We have to make it to the stream, then we'll be safe. Whats the matter?"

  • "Nothing. Just an old shoulder wound." Snike ran to the stream splashed in and swam in the stream waiting for Rorg. Once in, she swam quickly away before swimming away from the vermin. Surfacing, she waited for Rorg in an overhang of brush.

  • Rorgus waited till Snike was in the water to join her. Just as he was diving into the water a stoat ran up and fired an arrow at Rorgus. He was just diving in as it hit him. He blacked out and started sinking. He was pushed down stream by the current right passed where Snike was hiding. The arrow had hit him in the back.

  • Snike saw him and swam after him, pulled him up and  swam the rest of the way to his home. Pulling him up on the back, Snike gripped the arrow and pulled on it with all her might. The arrow came out, the arrowhead all bloody. Leaving the arrow next to Rorgus, she ran with all her might to get his mother, Sapphire. "Sapphire, Sapphire! Come quick! Its Rorgus, and he's been hit with an arrer in his back!" Snike doubled back to Rorg's side, her eyes dark with worry.

  • Sapphire heard Snike calling her. She ran out of the house and heard what she said. She raced back in and got her herbs and medicines, Saffron helped her. They arrived next to Snike where Rorgus was.
    "Is he still alive?" Asked Saffron. Sapphire bent over him and listened for a heart beat.
    " Barely we got here just in time. Snike you get wood and start making a fire, Saffron you run back and get a pot and bandages. She began by stopping the blood flow to his his back so the wound wouldn't bleed. Then she started putting medicines on it.

    Once Saffron was back she got him all bandaged up and the made a bed for him, they didn't want to try carrying him.

    Rorgus slowly woke up, it was growing dark and there was a fire next to him. He saw his mother and sister, and Snike. He felt his back, a shock of pain went through him as he touched it. He groaned, Sapphire came over t him.
    "He's awake! Are you alright Rorgus?"
    " I think I'm OK but I'm not sure." He tried to sit up then lay back down again.
    " Snike, is Snike alright?"

  • "I'm here, Rorg, I'm here." Snike took Rorg's paw in hers and gently brushed some fur away from his eyes. "I was so worried about yew, that it hurt more than me old shoulder wound." Snike flexed her shoulders, trying to get the pain out of them and trying to get the muscles to relax.

  • Rorgus sighed and relaxed. He fell into a deep slumber, and awoke the next morning. Saffron had a fire going and was cooking up a fish for them. Rorgus sat up and winced as his back pain shot through him.
    " Mmmm… That fish smells good Saffron!" She looked over at him as he sat up.
    "How are ye feeling Rorg'?"
    " I'm feeling ok, just a little painful, but I'll be fine. Is that fish done yet?"
    " No not quit yet, just got to put these spices on it." She poured a spicy mixture over the fish and took it off the spit.
    " Wheres Mom?" asked Rorgus
    " She went back to the Holt to get some rest. She was up half the night tending you. She said she couldn't sleep out in the open, she said you'd be fine and we could take care of you."
    " Is Snike up yet?"

  • "Aye. Been up since yer ma left. Awful lot of snoring yew do. Kept me awake." Snike padded over to Rorgus, her eyes sagging from the lack of sleep. "Hm….Some fish for a pore 'ungry soul, Safforn?" Snike held out her paws for a fish, her stomach grumbling.

  • " Oh I'm sorry. I couldn't help it though. You should get some sleep, I'll be fine now."
    Saffron gave Snike a whole fish on a plate. Then she dished one up for Rorgus. He sat there eating and thinking of what had happened.
    " Where is the pouch? The one Saigon had with lots of green stones in it?" He looked worried, he didn't want to lose them especially the Emerald which is why the fox had had him. Rorgus got up and swayed a little bit then walked over to sit by Snike.
    " You can sleep in my bed. You'll be a lot more comfortable, I don't need to sleep anymore."

  • Snike ate her fish, and then went back to bed, only this, no snoring to wake her up. Curling up, Snike sighed as she was sweeped into dreamland, her rudder covering the tip of her scarred muzzle. She was really glad that she was able to sleep, yet she wasnt aware of Sapphire coming over to Rorg's bed and examining her scars.

  • Sapphire went over to Snike and knelt down beside her. She began examining her scars.
    " Hmm.. these look pretty bad Rorg' but I think  I can do it.It will take a while though." She began mixing up a sleeping medicine for Snike. She handed it to Rorgus.
    " Here you give that to her." He went over and poured it into Snikes mouth.
    " There you should doze off pretty soon."

  • Snike fell into a deeper sleep, allowing Sapphire to work on her scars. Turning over, Snike tried to get comforable, and ended up frustrating Sapphire. Finally, Snike settled down again and cover her muzzle with her rudder, in contentment.

  • Sapphire got to work on Snikes scars. She started wih the ones around her face. It was slow work but it work splendidly! Rorgus was delighted with it.

    The next day Sapphire had finished healing all but one scar which she left.  Sapphire stood back to see, she looked splendid. Rorgus came over and huged his mother.
    " Thank you mother! She looks beautiful."

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    Meanwhile, Raigon and his vermin stood nearby, watching the house.
      "Why ain't  we attackin' em, Chief?" The weasel who had guarded Rorgus asked. The fox tweaked him in a pressure point, and then covered his mouth to keep him from yelping.
      "We need to do this strategically can't just storm the house, they'd escape. Besides, it's the male otter we want! But when that otters dead, and I have the emerald, I'll promote ye to a captin, and you can storm the liddle place with yer group of beasts. Heh, those other otters probably won't put up much of a fight!" Raigon whispered to the weasel, who's name was Rillk.

  • Snike woke up from the drug and looked around. "Where am I? And were are all my scars?" Snike sat up, hugging the pillow to her chest.

  • Rorgus went over to her when he saw her waking up. Your in our Holt, and my mother got rid of all your scars! You look beautiful! No more scars, except one  she left that one." Rorgus doubled over in pain as his back burst into pain. He fell to the ground in pain clutching at his back.

    He was unaware of the vermin outside his Holt. He had the Emerald but the vermin were going to try and take it!

  • The vermin approached the camp. Shadows danced around the dimly lit scene. One of the shadows had  eyes. The vermin were moving closer…

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    BIC: Snike put Rorg in the bed, and she shook the grass from her fur. The one scar, a fledgling bird, was on her shoulder, in plain view. She heard a rustle and turned her head to both sides. Baring her teeth, she cautiously went to the brook to drink some water.

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