Jeradiah Fretzenero

  • Nickname: Jered, Evil Eyes, Nut (Negative), Maniac (Negative)

    Full Name: Jeradiah Fretzenero

    Species: Gray Fox (Good, but really creepy)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Appearance: The first thing anyone will remember about him are the eyes. Gray fur. Very slanted eyes, even for a fox. Very small pupils. Dark blue eye color. Noticeably white teeth. Wears a black shirt and gray pants. Stands a foot and a half taller than the average fox. Somewhat slim.

    Description: He frightens a lot of the Redwall residents with his eyes and tendencies to lose his temper. Scares the "dibbuns" when he stares at them or publicly displays his mood. Goes a little crazy at times, as evident by his habit of leaning forward, smiling, baring his teeth, tensing his hands, and bending his elbows during conversation.

    Possessions: Two highly unusual blade weapons that he uses on training dummies. Book on how to argue effectively. Lucky silver nugget.

    Strengths: Intelligent. Very skilled both with armed and unarmed combat. Surprisingly strong. Very skilled at arguing, with facts and evidence to back him up.

    Weaknesses: Tendency to snap at anyone who irritates him. Because of his unstable mood cycles, his eyes, and the fact that he snaps at others who make him angry, he doesn't have many friends. High levels of stress. Doesn't know he may have a mental illness.

    Background: Was born in the same land that Avelrak was. Parents were very intelligent and had very well-paying occupations. Was abducted by bandits when he was 16 but his eyes and potentially insane personality helped him with his release. Has a younger sister named Gwenneth. Moved to Redwall Abbey three months ago.

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