• Name-Hawk

    Species-Hawk    ((Just keep reading my friend…))

    Age-Around 17 human years


    Description-A simple, plain light brown color with white wingtips.

    Personality-He's the practical type, and doesn't like games. Filled with pride and a temper, Hawk can be a good friend or dangerous enemy.

    Weapons and other possessions-None, just a beak and claws that he makes sure to keep sharp.

    Strengths-His rough way of living made him quick to think and quick to act.

    Weaknesses-The quick temper and prideful ways get in the way often.

    Story-Hawk knows he once lived with a clan of fearsome hawks, high in the North Mountains. But several seasons ago, Hawk had his worst feud with his parents during his rebellious years, and flew off in a rage. As Hawk perched in a quiet hiding spot, thinking to return in a few hours as usual, he didn't notice a sudden, terrible blizzard that struck him out cold by the powerful winds. When he had awoken, the hawk found himself battered, bruised, and on the shore by the northern caves. Amnesia had struck him, and he has yet to recover. Hawk reasoned that he'd never find his way home, having absolutely no idea where he was, so set the desolate caves as a new place to call home.

    He could remember several basic things: how to hunt, how to build a fire,how to survive in general, coupled with a few distant memories. Unfortunately, the young one had no memory of his own name; perhaps he hadn't heard it said to him very often. So, he gave himself the name "Hawk", quick, simple, and blunt; how he likes it.

    Although, this lone hawk has considered his position the last few seasons, and knew he couldn't live out the rest of his life here. With a simple diet of vegetation and fish, and the only friend being the warmth of a fire, this place was not suited to him, and Hawk knew it. Does he remember tales of a great mountain to the south, a great building to the southeast, or were they no more then that, tales from his youth? Anyplace would be better then this, he thought. Maybe he could even find his way back to the clan, wherever it was....

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    This is really good. I've never seen you play a hawk before, or any bird. Are you going to use him in any RP's?

  • Lol, nothing against your character or anything, but do you mind giving him a name? Like, it is a little bit easier to role play with him later down the road. You may not know what I am talking bout now, but trust me, you will. Plus it is also easier for everyone else to keep track of him.

  • Lol, that sounds like Mouse's "Captain Mouse" :D. But good job Dot!

  • Oh, of course I will Jared. If you must know, I am a bit bird obsessed. 😮

    I understand what you mean, CQ. I'll confess, I couldn't come up with a proper name at first. Time caught up with me, and I didn't have any space to fit in conjuring up a name; in fact I've had this character formed months ago, I just couldn't type it up. Anyhow, I'll think of something.

    Spar- Thanks. 😉

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